Does Size Matter?

The sizes of the cell phone technology has come 360 degrees.

In the 80’s, we had the large Bag Phone.  This was a cell phone in a bag.  It was the cell technology that made its way out of the ‘car phone’ to something mobile we could use while on foot.  Then again, it was somewhat heavy and nobody wanted to carry it around.

Bag Phone

The bag phone made a cameo in “Lethal Weapon” when Sgt Murtaugh used it in the field.  He was a strong tough guy so the weight meant nothing to him.

Sgt Murtaugh Bag Phone usage

As phone technology got better, the devices got smaller and smaller.  The bag got dropped from the form factor.  Batteries got smaller.  Antennae no longer needed to be included.

Cell Phone history

Will Ferrell parodied the smallest cell phone on SNL in the 90’s.  It was his attempt to show the hipness of having a small phone.

Will Ferrell

Phones got so small, we started hanging them off our belts.  Not sure if this was a status thing or a convenience thing.

Then around mid 200’s, the iPhone and Smartphones came on the scene and started getting a bit bigger.  Screens got larger.  Touch screens etc.


We were confused.  Is the device supposed to be a phone or a computer.  It served both purposes.  Texting reigns supreme, phone calls are actually a nuisance.  People carried around phones to play games, text, and listen to music.

Enter the tablet.


People now haul around their tablets much like we did with bag phones.

Full circle.


Hot Daughter

Hockey is not the only great thing that “The Great One” ever did.

He produced a hot daughter too.  Meet Paulina Gretzky.

To see much much more, Let me Google that for you

Paulina Gretzky

Paulina Gretzky

Voter Fraud?

I thought I would start collecting links to articles that illustrate that voter fraud actually does happen.

Three Ohioans Indicted for Voter Fraud as Liberal Groups Attack True The Vote


Minnesota – Al Fraken race


Bay Area deceased still vote…

ReTweet! I enjoy the new MSNBC show “The Cycle”

S E Cupp co-host of “The Cycle”

I had a couple of working remote days and got to catch this new show on MSNBC.  “The Cycle”

It’s not your typical blowhard political chatter show (replaced a blowhard Dylan Ratigan).  It is more entertaining and informative view on the days topics.

The show is way more refreshing than seeing Chris Matthews sputter all over himself when he gets worked up or watch the bitterness flow from Rachael Maddow’s smirky face.

It helps that S E Cupp is quite fetching.


Sorry Lakers

I’m torn.  I have been a Laker fan since the Showtime days with Magic and Worthy (and Rambis).

This series against the Thunder I am pulling for for OKC.  Its gonna be a good one.


Jenna Marbles on YouTube

Jenna Marbles YouTube 'er. Funny, sexy.

Jenna, I stumbled across your YouTube Channel.  I find you quite funny.  I also see that you are quite sexy.

I feel the need to point out that you don’t have tats all over (Kudos!).  It is refreshing to see a normal person.  Do you workout?

You are creative and adequately self deprecating.

Keep up the fun work and I hope you are doing well.

YouTube Channel –

Blog – – The blog isn’t as entertaining as the YouTube channel.  What some vids.

Here is a nice video example…

Mr Coffee commercial 2011

This commercial has been bugging me all holiday season. I don’t understand the scenario (other than cute chicks wanting coffee)

The single cup Keurig coffee makers are getting popular and this device shows up on the market (still has a Keurig relationship).

Stanley sits at the machine and brews a cup of coffee to be thwarted by gal after gal until he sees the gal he digs (so it seems).  It’s somewhat flirty or her manipulation.  I don’t quite understand it.

Where is Stanley in the scene?  Is it a workplace kitchenette?  Is this some upscale Hostel?  Soberhouse?  It’s weird.

Watch and ask yourself the same question.