The Inappropriate Poser…

We all know this guy (or gal).


Back to School…

August…  it’s hot.  Summer is winding down.  The impending thoughts of school are starting to creep into our minds.  Kids and teachers are struck with anxiety and excitement.

School supplies are being purchased.  The pencils are all the same length and the erasers are the perfect shape.  Notebooks still have their corners.  New shoes are not yet faded, scuffed, or dirty.

School is about to begin.

The year has to begin with a positive message.  Kids need to be motivated.  Textbooks need to be counted and lined up neatly on the shelves.

Nothing is more important for the success of a schoolyear than the almighty bulletin board.

Ah yes, the bulletin board.  The broad space in every classroom and hallway where a thin veneer of everyday cork will contain the shrine to vague wisdom and inspiration.

Educators all through the land are spending days if not a week preparing, planning, cutting, stapling, and taping their messages to the walls.

When the final posterboard is tacked upon the wall, the creator is proud and relieved.  The educator is ready to receive students like Dolly Madison was ready to kiss the cheeks to DC dignitaries after that last pastry was placed on the table.

Students will pass through the halls and into classrooms on that first day taking quick glances at the bulletin boards but spending more time bearing witness to who no longer has braces or which of the girls moved up a cup size.

The bulletin board is valued yet short lived.  “Back to school” boards quickly fade, the motivation fades after the student receives their first C.  The board will then turn to Columbus Day or Halloween by dawning the cork with the stock pinups of 18th century ships or Pagan images of witches and ghosts.

School is then in full swing.  When is December 20th?

Dems and Repubs

During our DC trip we passed by an art shop that had a couple interesting pieces displayed in the window.

They were “dogs playing poker” style but with all presidents.  One was all republican, the other democrat.

Price?  $650 for the repblican, $150 for democrat.



Something with Mango…

Had dinner Saturday night at Ruchi Indian Cuisine in Overland Park.  Great food.  Loved it.  I recommend it.  That is… if you like Indian food.



Funny story:

We were ordering drinks and the waiter spoke limited English.  He was functional in service but not as attentive as you might need for white people ordering foreign cuisine.  We had a few questions about the menu and did a fine  job answering.  “Yes, Chicken.”   He was very nice and I don’t fault him or want to speak too disparagingly about the restaurant or his effort.  After all the food was great.

We ordered drinks and during the exchange we asked what they had on the menu with mango in it.  The menu was quite busy to read.  He pointed to the non-booze drinks.  We corrected our request to indicate alcoholic drinks.  He replies with “oh, no, nutting with mango”.  We say, “ok, how about the screwdriver.”  Then I noticed…  it… had… mango.

Ruchi man chuckled a bit.  “Yes, Mango.”  [smiles]

Ruchi Indian Cuisine

“Not Taco Bell Material” – Adam Carolla

Adams new book was released yesterday (6/12/12).  This image below was taken from the Amazon’s site on the following day.

Already 6 used books?  Who has read the book in a day and then done with it?

Also, who is paying $171 for a “used” audio version?

Buy the Book

Adam Carolla - Not Taco Bell Material

Adam Carolla - Not Taco Bell Material

Adam Carolla – Not Taco Bell Material

Jenna Marbles on YouTube

Jenna Marbles YouTube 'er. Funny, sexy.

Jenna, I stumbled across your YouTube Channel.  I find you quite funny.  I also see that you are quite sexy.

I feel the need to point out that you don’t have tats all over (Kudos!).  It is refreshing to see a normal person.  Do you workout?

You are creative and adequately self deprecating.

Keep up the fun work and I hope you are doing well.

YouTube Channel –

Blog – – The blog isn’t as entertaining as the YouTube channel.  What some vids.

Here is a nice video example…

Amazon recommendations

From time to time see the section of a product listed “People who bought this, also bought this…”.  Most of the time, it is logical.  Sometimes you have to fill in the blanks.

The chocolate covered strawberries, that makes sense.  Followed by the gift basket, ok.. got it.

Then the sexy lingerie… giddy up.  Got it.

But the paper towels?

Amazon Recommendations