Adam Carolla “To Catch A Contractor”

I have watched 3 episodes of this so far. I am not liking it. Simply stated…

I should point out that I am huge Carolla fan. I listen to the podcast(s)…plural and bought his books. I am familiar with his style and humor.

This show features Adam but also has a mixture of the meathead partner and the partners hot wife private investigator.  They work together to sniff out these shady contractors.

The show defends victimized homeowners who are dealing with the bad results of a contractor who took their money and/or left the job in shambles. Adam and crew step in and find the contractor, confront him, allow the owners to confront him and them make him redo the work.   …or they threaten legal action.  The contractor has little choice but to redo the work and make things right.

Sounds fun huh? It can be, but you end up feeling somewhat sorry for the contractor. When the poor contractor guy fesses up and admits fault then starts with the redo, the meathead continues to berate the guy.   It feels non stop.  You want the meathead to shut up.  Adam sprinkles in the humor which is nice but in this stew of conflict, Adams humor is but a dash where it needs a spoonful.

If you like the craziness of conflict, then you might enjoy this show.  I for one do not and would rather watch something funny.

I miss the “Adam Carolla Project” which Ray and company.

“To Catch A Contractor” is on SpikeTV Sunday Nights.  Enjoy.