The US might be waking up…

I have often felt that most Americans are mostly conservative.  Especially when it comes to fiscal matters.  To put a finer point on it, when it comes to fiscal matters where their own money is involved.

People who are living off of other peoples money tend to be more loose with fiscal matters.  Its understandable, but not a healthy long term way to live.

Obama said something in a speech recently that rings very conservative and a phrase I like.  “if you work hard, you can make it”.  Any conservative thinking person would be on board with that sentiment. It is a message not often heard from a liberal, or not often picked up by the listener/viewer.

Yet… here it comes… we have an administration that pushes for more entitlements, regulation, and safety nets for those deemed needy.  These policies are only good/helpful in small doses.  We are broadening the definition “needy” along the way.  We claim to have a child obesity AND a child hunger problem we somehow accept and actually does not reconcile.  Large blanket programs and long term programs siphon our Federal money into these entitlements don’t work.  They become corrupt, lose oversight, and evolve into wasteful money being spent.

Entitlements will fail and here is why….

You need a funding base.  Like the healthcare law, you need young people to earn and fund via their taxes these programs.  Social Security for example has been going weak for 60 years and as demographics shift this effort of funding has trouble.

Healthcare will be in the same boat.   I am rambling now….

We need people to be working and earning and paying a fair tax rate.  I did not say “fair share”.  EVERYONE should be paying taxes.  Even the “working poor”.  Something.  A graduated level.  I do agree that everyone pays sales taxes, property taxes, but income taxes (while they exist) should be equal among all Americans.   I realize is sounds heartless, but the intent is for everyone to feel the crunch or recognize taxation on some level.

“Work hard and you can make it.”  This is how you do it.   Is it a guarantee?  No.  Shit happens.  Failure occurs, but strong people will overcome.  Less victim-hood will instill this work ethic.  Less entitlement will force the human condition to go out and earn.  Less regulation will assist those who which to start a venture.  Employment will empower the individual with wealth, healthcare, and a future standing on their own feet.

I know I sound like a broken conservative record.  These are cliche conservative values.  I am repeating them because they hold true and it appears as if this country with so much debt, the Tea Party and other conservative groups is beginning to see the importance of hard work and keeping your earnings for your own disposal.

It seems those who sit on the electoral fence are leaning to the right a little bit.  New conservatives are appearing on the stage of elections who value humanity with less strict social views and a more libertarian slant while still being fiscally conservative.  This is where this country really sits.  Socially liberal and Fiscally conservative.

To finish…, don’t fear the Republican and paint them into a wicked mean corner.  Conservatives believe in charity and helping the poor, the sick, the tired huddled masses.  Conservatives just do it with a more focused eye and encourage the able bodied to help themselves.  There may be some tough love, but in the end we all prevail.

Don’t vilify the conservative.  Many times that is the entity you reach out to for employment, charity, and help.

Remember that the US is the greatest country in the world because of our Conservative values.