Old Tech or ROI?

Some might think that finally shutting down the City’s IBM mainframe was a step away from the old and into the new.  I say it is a massive return on investment.

What is notable is that they started to move away from the mainframe in 1998.  This was probably due to the Y2K issues that were soon to be a problem, but obviously they worked around it and kept the old iron alive.

As a Conservative, I would argue that keeping this old hunk of junk operational is the by product of a government system who can’t make quick decisions and sticks with status quo.  …or lack of funding.




The Minimum Wage debate…

I am not sure how to start this.  I want to rant but also want to provide some sound economics with what I am about to spew.

The minimum wage topic gets brought up about every 6 years or so.  It is usually tied to a Democratic dominated congress and/or White House.  Either way… here goes.

Fact: you can’t raise a family making the minimum wage.

Fact: you are not suppose life plan (especially with kids) around earning the minimum wage.

Let’s propose a tiered system.

Tier 1: age 16 to 24 is the lower tier ($9/hour, I don’t know exactly).  Why 24?  Let’s keep this age window open for our younger citizens to get an education or learn a trade.  It would be quite prudent to insert this thinking into our culture.

Tier 2: age 25+ ($12/hour or something near that).  25 years of age is hopefully a wiser and more sophisticated age.  It is wished that you have educated yourself enough to not rely on a minimum wage job.

Tier 3: For companies with gross revenues above a certain amount should be paying workers more no matter what age.  This could be the start of the debate over the threshold.  Companies who receive government subsidies should also be held to higher wage bracket.

With all this said… if you have chosen a life of limited wealth and means and you can survive happily on the lowest of income, then more power to you.