A Microcosm of missed opportunity

In our house, I keep a bowl of loose change in my office.  I drop my days pocket change, let accumulate and someday take it to the bank.

My kids like to sneak the money out and use for whatever.  I never know what for.

It is my own domestic trickle down economics.

Here is where they go wrong.  They swipe the loose change then they leave laying out on a counter in common areas like the kitchen or living room.  I will pass by it for about three days, then grab it back and put back in the loose change bowl.

My point?  My kids are not realizing the gift or opportunity before them.  Take the change.  Pennies make dollars.  At some point you can turn that into something you value, yet they dont.

Listen up people.  Take advatage of opportunity.  Its all around you.  Free public education.  Low cost college loans.  Do it for the betterment of you.