Google Chromebook is pretty cool

Google Chromebook

Google Chromebook

If you are looking for an inexpensive laptop experience, the Chromebook should be considered.

I like how it accepts you as a new user by using your Google account.  That’s it.  You are part of the family.

Of course this means you need to signup with Google to create an account.  If you have not experienced all the apps and tools that Google offers, you should check it out.

For example, I have an Android phone and moved all my music to the Google Play app.  I can stream my music from any internet connected device and on my phone (with the ability to download songs and playlists to the device locally for those times when the internet is not accessible).

If you need to know, the touchpad is your mouse and there are no buttons.  If you need to right-click, use <alt>+<tap touchpad> or a 2-finger-tap (requires some mad skill).


Let’s just all stop paying taxes

I propose that everyone pay only 17% tax at the end of next year.

This goes for you who pay nothing now.  Buck up and throw some money to the roads, education, and national defense.