It’s time to end Daylight Savings time…this time.

End Daylights Savings time

I work in Information Technology and I have to monkey with this time change event twice a year.  It’s a hassle and as you look deeper into why we do it, you realize it is silly and no longer useful.

The origin of this concept was Ben Franklin in 1784.  The old goat felt that changing the time would save on candles.  He was probably right, but he could have as easily awoken an hour later to begin his day.

During the World Wars, DST was used by some countries as a cost savings effort to help fund their war efforts.  FDR called it “war time” and it was enforced after Pearl Harbor bombing.  After Japan surrendered, it became known as “peace time”.

Daylights Savings it confusing for obvious reasons.  It’s 4 oclock here and 5 oclock there and we are 2 miles from each other (bordering cities).  Not all of the country participated originally.  It was 1966 when Congress passed the Uniform Time Act and it was modified in 2005 by extending it by a month.

The modern reality:

Energy consumption savings from DST is minimal and can be easily offset by energy efficient bulbs, appliances, and adding solar energy sources.  Let’s stop this antiquated practice of adjusting our clocks.  If local governments, schools, and businesses want to make use of the daylight hours why not adjust your schedules instead.

If you want to see an end to DST, visit the White House Petition site and sign it.



A Father’s Survival Guide

Having children is a grand journey.  Without question.  But it is also not without its frustrating moments.  There are some tips and tricks you can follow to make the journey easier.

Here is the list in no particular order.

Noise cancelling headphones.  This one speaks for itself.  Buy Now.

Media outlets on your personal device.   Unless you are Donald Trump or Mr. Burns and have your own media room, your TV will get overrun with Cartoons and children glued to the TV.  #occupyMYTV.  You can tap into your cable channel or other free online media on your phone or tablet.  Install them for a private viewing room anywhere in the house (see Noise cancelling headphones).

A secret savings account.  This is not what you think.  I am not suggesting stashing money to buy booze or go to strip clubs.  I am saying to chuck away a few dollars for a sitter.  From time to time you and Mrs. or girlfriend need a date night.

A Kid PC.  Setup an old computer for use to browse the web.  Simply install the basics… virus protection, parental controls, and a web browser.  Bam!  Let ’em play games and watch youtube all day long.

Multiple DVR’s.  I got mine, you got yours.  I should not need to explain further.

A crap collection bin.  Put a container in a spot where you can collect all the junk the kids leave around and place in the bin for later return to their rooms.  My kids are constantly leaving clothes and toys in the living room.  Toss in the bin.  Buy Now.

More to come….

Year End 2012 Helpful life tips

Adam Carolla used to do his “Do yourself a favor” list of helpful things you can do to ease your life. (If you want to subscribe to Adam Carolla’s © podcast, visit here.)

I am going to partly steal the idea and carry on with it.  Here are some thoughts and ideas I believe you can employ to make living more enjoyable, reduce stress and basically make stuff easy.

Throw away any and all catalogs and advertising from the postal mail.  Flipping through these catalogs are fun but they also melt your brain and you end up buying crap you don’t really need.

Put basic tools in every room of the house.  Have a drawer or small toolbox with a hammer, tape measure, tape, screw drivers.  Keep this in the same place and don’t remove it from the room.  When you need it you know where it is.  Same goes for scissors, tape and post-it notes.

Remove sugary snack foods from the house.  If you crave the quick snack, its too easy to consume when they are accessible.

Buy a Universal remote for your TV’s and associated devices.  I have 3 of the Logitech remotes.  They are easy to program and makes turning on the TV, DVD, stereo etc. easy and keep only one remote handy.

Logitech 915-000162 Harmony 700 Rechargeable Remote with Color Screen (Black)

Don’t purchase something just because you have a coupon.  Chances are you don’t need it.

Use multi blade razors.  These are the best shave you can get.

Gillette Fusion Proglide Manual 1 Up Razor

Install a password manager on your computer.  There are many similar products out there, but do some research and choose on.  I use LastPass.  It’s great!  Coral your passwords to all those websites.  It can even autofill fields and log you in automagically.

Happy New Year and may your 2013 be fruitful.