Avoid using your ISP provided email

My internet and cable provider is Time Warner Cable and has been for about 8 years.  Over that time I have used my email address provided by them to sign in to various websites and used for communication for various services.  This is all well and good except when you which to change cable providers.  When you switch, that old email address goes away and you no longer have a connection with that website or service.

Knowing and remembering where that old email is tied can be a nightmare.

I have a few tips.  First, stop using your ISP provided email address as your primary account.  Sign up with Google Mail or some other free web based email.  I prefer Gmail because Google is not evil and it integrates with my delightful Android phone(s).

Second, keep track of anywhere online you have an account and databank that info somewhere (paper, or whatever).  I have fallen in love with a little app called “LastPass”.  It can be used to house your online accounts and used to auto login.  It has a browser plugin, phone app, etc.  Its great.

I am considering switching to either Dish or U-verse and have to go back and untie some old websites/services from my old account before making that switch.  A great example is iTunes.  Something that gets used weekly if not daily.

Using LastPass, it made it easier.  I could search my LastPass vault for my old email and see where I have used that address.  Perfect!

Moving on…