Dems and Repubs

During our DC trip we passed by an art shop that had a couple interesting pieces displayed in the window.

They were “dogs playing poker” style but with all presidents.  One was all republican, the other democrat.

Price?  $650 for the repblican, $150 for democrat.




Something with Mango…

Had dinner Saturday night at Ruchi Indian Cuisine in Overland Park.  Great food.  Loved it.  I recommend it.  That is… if you like Indian food.



Funny story:

We were ordering drinks and the waiter spoke limited English.  He was functional in service but not as attentive as you might need for white people ordering foreign cuisine.  We had a few questions about the menu and did a fine  job answering.  “Yes, Chicken.”   He was very nice and I don’t fault him or want to speak too disparagingly about the restaurant or his effort.  After all the food was great.

We ordered drinks and during the exchange we asked what they had on the menu with mango in it.  The menu was quite busy to read.  He pointed to the non-booze drinks.  We corrected our request to indicate alcoholic drinks.  He replies with “oh, no, nutting with mango”.  We say, “ok, how about the screwdriver.”  Then I noticed…  it… had… mango.

Ruchi man chuckled a bit.  “Yes, Mango.”  [smiles]

Ruchi Indian Cuisine