Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Watch Gordon Ramsay’s video below.  I tried this recipe and it is outstanding.  It is relatively easy, but you need to pay close attention to a couple techniques.

1. Low heat on the eggs.  Constant stirring.

2. No salt until the end.  This is something I never knew but makes perfect sense. (its the little things).

3. He uses Creme Fraiche, but all of us dirty Americans can use sour cream.  However, I was able to find Creme Fraiche at my HyVee grocery.


When Bass Attack…

Went fishing yesterday with my friend Jacob.  We traveled down to my strip pits for some bass fishing.  The weather was warm, calm, and somewhat overcast.  We fished with top water poppers, some crankbaits, and plastic worms.  Had success on all of them.  I was having better success using darker worms in deeper banked water.  I used Culprit purple worms, Texas Rig method.  The top water worked in shallow areas.

Sidenote: I also have to shout out to the Shimano Caenen baitcast reel.  It has been one of the best reels I have owned.  Smooth retrieve and easy to use with respect to the drag (see below).  I also recommend flourocarbon fishing line.  I was using Berkley Vanish, but I am not too particular.  Flourocarbin does not give/stretch like monofiliment line.  It offers a better feel and hook setting ability on longer casts.
End Sidenote:

All being tallied, we probably caught 50 fish between us.  We didn’t keep any.  If we did, we’d be cleaning fish for 2 hours.

The interesting behavior we saw were the multiple fish attacking the baits.  In this Photo, Jacob landed a double on the same lure.  He was using a crawfish crankbait.

Look Ma, I got 2

This multiple fish battle was happening quite a bit when retrieving a hooked fish.  We did not always landing double fish, but you saw the other fish following and attacking.  It was fun to watch.

The fish were so active that I kept missing fish on plastic worms and having to redo my texas rig with a new worm.  I was going back to the same hole trying to catch something and finally caught a bass.  As I was landing him/her,  the bass spit up one of the worms I lost in the previous casts.  Now that’s an aggressive fish.

I landed a 4.5 lb fish and this monster wasn’t the first fish I hooked on that same retrieve.  I actually had a smaller fish on then saw this larger attacking the smaller fish and lure.  I felt the smaller fish on my retrieve then suddenly the pull of my rod got super heavy.  A larger fish took the bait from the smaller fish (the smaller fish got off).

I knew I had something big, but not sure how big.  My rod was bending and I had to manipulate my drag on the reel to allow some line out.  The big Bass made a couple runs.  In my experience, summer bass will make 2 hard runs away (or jump) and you can then land them.   The fight didn’t last long, maybe 2 minutes and got the big ‘un in the boat.

4.5 lb Largemouth

“Not Taco Bell Material” – Adam Carolla

Adams new book was released yesterday (6/12/12).  This image below was taken from the Amazon’s site on the following day.

Already 6 used books?  Who has read the book in a day and then done with it?

Also, who is paying $171 for a “used” audio version?

Buy the Book

Adam Carolla - Not Taco Bell Material

Adam Carolla - Not Taco Bell Material

Adam Carolla – Not Taco Bell Material

Vietnamese Shrimp

Vietnamese Shrimp

Vietnamese Shrimp

I want to try this…  I like the idea of cooking the shrimp whole (with head).  The video below describes it to be a better flavor and presentation.  You decide.  I know how white folk don’t much care for food staring at them.

Stuff you need:

1 lb Shrimp, whole with head, peel skin off

rough chop of garlic, 8 cloves

chop scallions, with greens

fish sauce (specialty item)

shrimp paste (specialty item)

olive oil

black pepper



– oil in pan
– garlic in pan
– add sugar (1/4 cup)

garlic cooks up and let sugar caramelize

– add shrimp, toss around to coat.
– add salt to taste
– add shrimp paste, 3 tsp
– add fish sauce, 2 tbl

let the dish simmer and reduce, tossing the shrimp

– add black pepper

– lastly, toss in the scallions

serve with white rice

Video link to help the unimaginative.

Vote: Just be objective in your decision

I recently watched a documentary (Media Malpractice) that points out many examples of how the Media can manipulate our minds (understanding and opinions).  It was fascinating to watch.

I have long held this tactic when I see something on CNN, Fox, MSNBC.  I know each network has a slight agenda (in general), but there are certain individuals you learn to trust and others you can predict their spin on something.   When these networks launch into a biased view of a news or analysis story, I try to turn the topic as if the other side said it (or perpetrated it, etc.).  Whatever the thing is….

Sarah Palin is a great example of someone being butchered in the media.  However if you look as something with deeper inspection and context, the sound byte we get fed wasn’t as damning as you might think.  If you take the things Sarah Palin said and had them come out of Joe Biden’s mouth, would you react the same way.  Likewise, if Palin had said the FDR were President in 1929 after the Stock Market crash, she would be treated… well, like she has been treated.  Yet, Biden gets a pass.  Yes, there are some smaller outlets that might make note, but in the context of Katie Couric and CBS news (the same reporter who blasted Palin), one might think that Bidens remarks would get more negative attention.  (watch it)


If Bush had said he travelled the 57 states, would Ed Schultz have pounced on it?  Probably.


My main point in all of this…   We are human.  We are fallible.   This is an election season and I wish everyone would consider the candidate that best suits the needs of the country.