Mornings with Tori

Hey! You want to go for a run?We got a dog last December.  I held out on the idea because we already had cats and they get temperamental with change.  Plus, I know all the promises that children might make would never pan out.  I was right.

However, I have grown to fully enjoy the dog ownership life.  She is a great dog.  Very playful.  Very responsive and submissive to commands.  She’s the perfect size to walk and run.

I have been walking her pretty regularly in either the evenings or mornings.  Lately the mornings are proving more enjoyable with the time change and the great weather.  Tori loves it.  She shadows me in the morning while I drink some coffee, check email, etc.  When she sees me grab for my shoes, her eyes brighten, her step is more pronounced.  She knows the game is on.

So I grab the leash, my ipod, my fitbit and we head out.  I listen to podcasts (Adam Carolla or Bill Simmons) and the walk goes by quickly.  Tori is on the lookout for birds and other dogs.  She is a super social mutt.  The Emily Post of dog etiquette, Ceasar Milan, would be complimentary of her behavior.   Tori will do all the appropriate head gestures and butt sniffs when greeting other dogs.  Of course this is not playtime and we move on quickly but not without her looking back with a faint “catcha next time new dog friend”.

I’ve lost almost 10 lbs since January.  I attribute most of it to not watching as much TV since my son broke our 65″ plasma, a little to the FitBit which monitors and motivates by tracking steps, but part of it to walking the dog.  She needs the exercise too.  I know this all sounds super “First World Problems”.  Third World citizens have dictators and wars to help them lose pounds, but we need electronics and pets to get us to drop some pounds.

Either way, its working and it’s 30 minutes of valued time in the morning.


Sorry Lakers

I’m torn.  I have been a Laker fan since the Showtime days with Magic and Worthy (and Rambis).

This series against the Thunder I am pulling for for OKC.  Its gonna be a good one.


We have lost our way…

We have lost our way

As I watch news talk shows and listen to the hosts and guest discuss the problems of our society, government and news stories, there is always a common question that comes to mind.  Don’t you think this problem is rooted in a cultural misdirection?

I say this in my head over and over.  Our cultural misdirection are forms of instant gratification.  The American Dream still lives but it seems people are not taking advantage of the opportunities that exist.

Whether you are discussing education, labor costs, federal budgeting, or healthcare the root of the issue can trace back to wanting something for nothing.

Education is not a funding issue.  Education is a value issue.  We have to value the education.  Value comes from the elder care takers of the student.  In its simplest form, parents must instill the value into the child.  We have lost our way on this tenet of our society.  If more parents took a more active role in the students life, more schools would be successful.  As any teacher and they would tell you this.  Teachers would prioritize parental involvement way above salary in terms of making education more successful.

High labor costs are often rooted in unions and minimum wage.  Smart organizations will modify their bidding to market value.  The more intimidating of unions will hike up the bids and demand a larger stake even at the risk of putting workers on the sidelines.  We lost our way.  We want something for nothing.  Government workers should be paid equally as the same job function as private sector workers.   Unions can be useful as a collective force, but when they power grab, they hurt themselves and the economy as a whole.

Budgeting at home is a challenge for many people.  But we have to weigh our wants and needs to create the financial balance.  Those who have more wants tend to incur debt to make that happen which can lead to troubles later.  Federal budgeting is a disaster right now.  Something as simple as only spending what you can collect in taxes from the people, is derailed because we want something for nothing.  No matter who you want to blame individually or collectively (democrats or republicans), the fact remains we don’t have a budget.  The argument is spend less or tax more.  We want something for nothing.

Healthcare is the grandest example of “something for nothing”.  Healthcare is trying to fix itself by throwing money at it.  The real fix to a healthy community is the individual who needs to take care of themselves.  Our instant gratification has lead us to obesity.  Obesity leads to diabetes and cancers.  I simplify, yes, but you do recognize that your chances of good health go up when you keep yourself fit and healthy.

We have lost our way.

We can find it again.  Every individual can do this.

Earn more than you spend.

Learn everything you can.  Be productive and valued.

Don’t feed your ego with money.   It’s not about money, its about respect from peers.

To solve a problem, you must identify the problem.  Just because an answer feels good, be sure it addresses the problem even in the face of unpopularity.   In most cases, the identification of the problem is the hard part.  The fix is the easy part.

Take care of yourself physically.  Instant gratification with food, tobacco, drugs, or booze can quickly lead you down the wrong path in the long run.  In the same methodology of finances, burn more calories than you consume.  Exercise.  Sweat at least once a day.

Avoid advertising.  Throw out flyers, catalogs, and other mailings that suck you in and try to convince you to purchase something.  You will be happier for it.

Get 8 hours of sleep.

Work hard and hug your kids.

Teaching your kids sports will benefit everyone.  Learning to lose is more valuable than winning.

Wear sunscreen.

Jenna Marbles on YouTube

Jenna Marbles YouTube 'er. Funny, sexy.

Jenna, I stumbled across your YouTube Channel.  I find you quite funny.  I also see that you are quite sexy.

I feel the need to point out that you don’t have tats all over (Kudos!).  It is refreshing to see a normal person.  Do you workout?

You are creative and adequately self deprecating.

Keep up the fun work and I hope you are doing well.

YouTube Channel –

Blog – – The blog isn’t as entertaining as the YouTube channel.  What some vids.

Here is a nice video example…