Think before you Speak

Think before you Speak

We have all heard this phrase right?  I saw this breakdown on G+ and thought I would share (origin unknown).


T rue? – is it True?
H elpful?  – is it Helpful?
I nspiring? – is it Inspring?
N ecessary? – is it Necessary?
K ind? – is it Kind?

The “Necessary” is the one piece that deserves inspection.  If someone is trying to make a joke or be funny, is it necessary?

If something is True and Not Kind, is it necessary?  You don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

What is your end game or goal?  Is it necessary?


Facebook Marketing

This is a real Facebook conversation.  What makes this interesting are the ads on the right side.  Facebook uses algorithms that key off of your FB content.  In this case, the ads were obviously keying from Jason’s content.

1. Jason has had Gout in the past.  Maybe this ad was a coincidence, but I found that interesting.  Sorry Jason, did not want to make this one personal.

2.Pregnant?  No, but Jason and his wife are almost the Duggers.  They have like 8 kids now.  He is a virile virile man.

3. Organic foods.  Jason is a huge health nut and I know for a fact his posts are related to this industry.

4. I am only guessing that Jason got his wife a pendant for V-day, but that is a guess.

If 4 was wrong, 75% for the marketing target is pretty good.  Way to go Facebook, mission accomplished.

Facebook Marketing


Pro athletes… smile and play hard.

Take note all you arrogant self entitled professional athletes.

Smile and play hard.  Say the right things in terms of team.  Stop being selfish.

If Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin can rise to the spotlight, you can too.  Peyton Manning is a superstar and has followed the same nice guy game plan.

So… smile and play hard.

Amazon recommendations

From time to time see the section of a product listed “People who bought this, also bought this…”.  Most of the time, it is logical.  Sometimes you have to fill in the blanks.

The chocolate covered strawberries, that makes sense.  Followed by the gift basket, ok.. got it.

Then the sexy lingerie… giddy up.  Got it.

But the paper towels?

Amazon Recommendations

Let’s be prudent with transportation…

I posted something on facebook that caused a little bit of a stir/discussion with people.  I basically said that US car companies are still making big trucks and SUV’s because Americans are buying them.  …And we the consumer are wanting them even though we don’t need the big trucks in our every day lives.

Ok.  I came to this.  The SuperBowl commercials were full of foreign fuel efficient car ads while again, we saw Chevy trucks and Clint Eastwood touting the American spirit.

I agree with Mr. Eastwood.  I agree that we Americans are “can do” and will rise to the occasion to get done what needs to get done.  It’s part of our “American” makeup.  My fear is that we have not felt enough pain long enough to learn the lessons of 2009 and 2010 when gas prices were high.  During those times, truck and SUV owners grounded those vehicles and tried to sell them.

Aside from commercial uses, big trucks and SUV’s are not prudent to the average person who commutes to work.  Those who are driving the huge Hummers are crazy.  That’s just an “F You” to “the man”.  “I’ll drive what I want”.

As a conservative, I understand the freedom of buying what you want and let the market decide.  I don’t for a second advocate some sort of regulation to stop building these large vehicles.  I am speaking as a concerned individual to talk some sense into the minds of purchasers.

It’s time we look closer to our lifestyle and implement our transportation needs accordingly.  Public transit can work, but its not cookie cutter.  Some cities are built more spread out and are better suited for the freedom of car traffic while other cities are more congested and rails/streetcars make more sense.

Will all electric vehicles work?  Maybe.  Do we still need gas powered engines?  Yes.  There is an application for all these modes of transport (commute, travel, cargo, etc).  They all will be needed.

But when it comes to driving to work everyday, get a car that costs you less to drive.

All Bran

I eat All Bran for breakfast.  Its the old person cereal right?

When I say All Bran, I’m talking about the original.  Not the frilly spin offs with granola or fruit.  The original… which looks like shredded cardboard pieces.  To be honest, kinda tastes like that too.

I’ve grown to like it.  …who am I kiddin, grown to tolerate it.

Calorically, it works out well for dieting.  In terms of bowels, I can’t say either way.  Things seem normal.

I’m 41 and being a good boy.



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