New Years Resolution? – Weight Loss right?

Instead of writing something new, I will repost what I wrote last year.  Cuz…. it’s the same thing.  Why try to re-invent something that is a simple as losing weight.  …that is… the formula for losing weight.  The execution is another story.

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Read the original then see below for my cheap way to create a walking workstation.




Many health articles recommend 30 minutes a day of activity.   The photo below is my treadmill retrofitted with a platform so that I can walk and still use my laptop (work etc).  It’s a pic from my facebook page.

You can buy workstation treadmills, but they are mucho $$$$.  You can use something like the SurfShelf for $40.

This DIY below was about $25 of materials and 2 holes drilled into the side frame of the treadmill.

Materials (Lowe’s): white pre-cut shelf, 2 bungees, 2 3″ eye bolts.

1. (key) Place the shelf across the arms of the treadmill where you think it fits best, measure from the board to where you need to drill for the eye bolts the distance it takes to stretch the bungee just enough to keep the shelf in place but not too tight that you stretch the bungees too far.

2.  Drill holes in the shelf board where the bungee hook can connect.  Drill holes for the eye bolts.

3.  Insert and bolt down your eye bolts.

4.  Connect bungees.  Bam!

Walking Workstation


RIP: Cheetah

80 years is a good life.

Your acting career was fruitful.

You outlived Andy Rooney.

You saw an African American voted in as President of the United States.

We are glad you didn’t fall prey to drugs and alcohol like many child actors.  However, you had a brief battle with booze and won (see video).  See minute 5, he’s an angry drunk.

RIP Cheetah

The Best of the Best of…

Best of 2011

Like many people, I get time of the year end “best of…” or “the Year of…”.  They are slightly annoying and lazy, but yet we watch and we listen and we talk about it.

I thought I would throw together a list of the best lists.  Criteria:  there is no criteria.  It’s my blog and I can post what I want.

10.  CNET’s top viral video ads.  I like this because I too am lazy and watch TV.

9.  Time’s List of Lists.  This is getting quite deep.  Time offers a bunch of best and worst of content areas.

8.  Celebrity Death List of 2011.  This one keeps growing.

7.  Forbes Billionaire List.  The 99% only wishes to be on this list.

6. Paste Magazine Top movies.  Some of these are a bit pretentious.

5. Best Travel Photos – Huffington Post.  Me like pictures.

4.  Best and Worst Fuel Economy cars.  Note: looking ahead to 2012.

3.  Best Engagements of the Year.  This is for the ladies.

2. Top 10 Cell Phones.  Nerd alert!


And the best of the best list of the best thing to be best of…..

1.  Maxim’s Hot 100.  Again, this is my blog.  I post what I want.