Amazon Prime Account

If you shop Amazon and have spent enough to have $80 in shipping for the year, you need to signup for the Prime account.  You get 2 day free shipping and you also get the instant video service.

The instant video service can be used on your laptop, PC, etc.  If you have a TV with apps (this is the year more and more people will have one), you can use the instant video service like you do Netflix.

Click below and signup.  It’s worth it.



You are not a model…

Social media and the random successes from YouTube might be the ruination of this great country… or Planet.  Kim Kardashian is the exception.  You will never be like Kim.

Anyone can post anything to their photos or upload a video and call themselves a model.  Any dooshy guy can tell you nice things.  Don’t fall prey to it.  When one wades through the self-aggrandizing posts and pics its easy to spot an insecure soul.  It’s sad.  Way too many wedding photos too.  If you celebrate your 5 yr anniversary, time to stop featuring the bride pic as your FB photo.

Here are some tells why you are not a model.

1. When you work at Hooters and corporate stops by to take some photographs.

2. If you dated, slept, offered any sexual favor to the guy holding the camera.

3. Your creepy but creatively talented teen neighbor asks you to be an extra in his soft core Star Wars parody YouTube video.

4.  Daniel Tosh put your wedding video on the air.  Note: he’s not laughing with you.

5.  Bleached hair and Big boobs not a model make.  Anyone can invest $8000 into 34-D’s.  Try fixing that snaggletooth smile of yours.

Camo Lingerie?

Git er done!

Bass Pro Christmas catalog just arrived.  As I thumb through it I find the “intimate apparel” of which is all camo.  I don’t get it, but it shows up from time to time in these catalogs so someone is buying it.

But Really?  Who buys this crap?  The ladies are definitely attractive and worthy of the modeling work that the catalog calls for.  I would recommend they hire new management.  You can find good work with a natural C and D cup.

Top 5 reasons to wear Camo skivvies…

5. To hide from the rapey hill people when camping.

4. when you can’t wear white under your camo wedding dress.

3. Ted Nugent is coming in concert and you have back stage passes.

2. You’ve got a strip-o-gram gig in the green zone.

1. …you married Larry the Cable Guy and its the only thing that triggers his Cialis.


Earthquake in flyover country

On Saturday Nov 5th, 2011, around 10:50pm, Kansas City felt a tremble tied to the Oklahoma earthquake.  I was at work (our yearly time change event) and sitting at a table in a large room.  I felt a shaking but only thought it was a girthy person walking down the hall.  The shake felt very much like a parking garage when cars rumble through.  I thought nothing of it until someone mentioned there “was an earthquake”.

It was very odd.  It was my first quake experience.  Facebook status updates were blowing up.

It was mostly non-eventful.

But, in the end, we can bounce back from this.

Oklahoma 5.6, felt in Missouri.

Tesla review

Quick blog post here.

Saw Tesla at the Midland last Friday night. It was a pretty good show. They sounded great. They played some new stuff and played some old stuff.

The newer material lost about half the crowd (my wife included who snoozed lightly). When they played “love song” the house woke up. The finished the show with “Signs”. Not my personal fave, but it was their portal into the acoustic shift.

Jeff wore a Dexter McCluster Chiefs jersey on stage.  At one point, he played with the crowd by putting on an Oakland (Tesla is from the bay area) jacket and walking around stage.  He made a point to tell people not to throw anything and thankfully they did not.

If you liked the 80’s/90’s Tesla, you won’t be disappointed if they come to your town.  For shows, see their site.