San Francisco Trip: Day 4

(Mary Beth)


(Written at 6:30 A.M. on 10/25/11)

Yesterday was a lolligagging day. Well, it was supposed to be, anyway! Our plan had been to do a little shopping, get some souvenirs for the kids… that sort of thing. By days’ end, though, we had covered a great deal of the city and were worn out in a good way.

We started our day with breakfast in the hotel restaurant, Saha. They were out of quite a few dishes, and the waiter said this was because it was the end of the work week. Huh? It was Monday?? Whatever. It was totally fine. I had the eggs benedict, which were SOOOOO much better than “fine!” Craig? Fool.

After breakfast, we called Melody for some advice on shopping, and we headed back to the Cow Hollow area where we had been on Saturday. Having lots more time, we wandered a lot, and ended up buying some cool stuff (for me! — it’s my birthday, after all!). We didn’t find anything for the kids, though, so after lunch, we decided to head back to the Fisherman’s Wharf area to find, you know, cheesy kid souvenirs. (Boring long story about lunch… basically, we wandered and wandered and finally settled on a place called “The Grove.” While I was in the bathroom, Craig ordered me a “quesadilla” instead of the “chicken enchilada” I had asked him to order. So, yeah… lunch was “fine.”)

Down at the Wharf, we wandered a bit more, checking out some of the enormous ships that are moored there. It was a little more chilly than the other days, so we hustled a bit. But, we got to see what we wanted to see, included a couple of sea lions who were play fighting on an adjacent dock. Cute.

It was not so easy for me to find gifts for the kids. I don’t know why! If they had been WITH me, I’m sure they would have been grabbing items EVERYWHERE and giving me the “can I have this can I have this can I have this?” treatment. I was trying my best to imagine what they would be grabbing, but I was coming up rather empty. Okay. With Emmie, she would have been grabbing the super dorky stuffed animals. But, just as if she HAD been there, I couldn’t buy them — they just weren’t CUTE enough! (You know… cheaply made stuffed animals? Not cute enough? Anyone with me on this?)

We stopped for a drink at a nice enough place, and from our seat at the window, enjoyed some quality Wharf people watching. We lucked out, and the “Bush Man” was scaring people from behind his “bush” right across the street from our window. The Bush Man is a street person (homeless guy??) who has fashioned a “bush” out of some tree branches. He holds the branches up in front of him and parks himself in front of a trash can. As unsuspecting tourists walk by, the Bush Man growls at them and slowly reveals himself, “GaaaaahhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWL!” Then, he laughs in a freaky/nice way that says, “ha ha ha, don’t worry, I ain’t gonna kill you.” Then, he demands a dollar for his “work,” saying, “Hey, man. I made her holler! You gotta GIVE me a DOLLAR! HA HA HA!” What’s funny is that the bush man scared the crap out of me the other day down on the Wharf. We were on our way back from our Alcatraz tour, and he TOTALLY got me. Well, I would SO not have given him a dollar. See, when someone scares you, you really just want to kick them real hard in the Adam’s Apple. At NO POINT did I feel compelled to give the man a dollar. F*cker.

But, yesterday, I had so much fun watching his “act” and watching other tourists doing what we were doing — just taking it all in and enjoying being “in on it…” I’ll be honest. I almost gave him a dollar. Craig brought me back to my senses though. Right. I’m still mad at the man.

I am leaving out the sweet little morsel that Bush Man and another street vendor creep got in a big ol’ Jerry Springer inspired argument while we were watching from the restaurant across the street. Craig and I saw this man get out of his van and pour what looked like motor oil on the bush man. He did it twice! WTH? When we walked over where we could hear the two, the Bush Man was loudly putting down the man in the van. It was very weird. Craig guessed that Bush Man was in van guy’s “territory” or something. Who knows.

We went in probably 4-5 more stores and finally got some stuff for the kids.

Then, we took a long, interesting bus ride across town to a restaurant our friend Molly recommended called Fang. The bus ride essentially took us all the way from the Wharf area to the downtown or Union Square area. What was so weird was that this was a “double” bus, and it filled up almost immediately — mostly with Chinese-speaking kids. The kids seemed to be about middle school age. There were plenty of adults, too. The bus was PACKED. It was about 5:30, so we couldn’t figure out where all these kids were going. Maybe home from school? (Like, Chinese School?)

Fang was amazing. We ordered WAY too much food, but everything was just incredible. Best hot and sour soup EVER. Every hot and sour soup I ever have in my life will undoubtedly pale in comparison. The flavors of everything were just fresh and amazing. We were pretty adventurous in the items we ordered: onion cake with peanut sauce, julienned snow peas, steamed seafood pot. Everything we had was just amazing. Incredible place. Thanks for the tip, Molly! 🙂

We were SO full after eating at Fang. We took a cab home, and hit the hay happy. :))))) Another wonderful S.F. day.

Today (10/25) we are renting a car and heading to wine country! We know just enough to be dangerous. LOL Pretty sure we’re going to Sonoma over Napa, but we’ll see. Craig wants to rent “something fun” instead of “just” a compact. Hmm. “It’s my birthday,” so what the hell!!!


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