Some Important Words to remember.

he 9 most important words:  “I need you to do this, and here’s why…”

The 8 most important words: “That’s my mistake and I will fix it.”

The 7 most important words: “My door is always open to you.”

The 6 most important words: “Let’s focus on solving the problem.”

The 5 most important words: “You did a great job!”

The 4 most important words: “What do YOU think?”

The 3 most important words: “Follow my lead.” (chart the course for the destination and lead)

The 2 most important words: “Thank You.”

The MOST important word: “YOU” or “WE” (you choose knowing your audience)

The LEAST important word: “I”


ScarJo hits

Wow, I know that sex sells but I didn’t realize the uptick in hits to this site when I blogged about her hacked phone.

I did have a brief moment of fear when I heard that there was an effort to sue people who posted the pics.  I am a small fish and I doubt they may come after this site.  I have not taken down the pic.  (to be fair to me, I posted the more modest image).

I continue to get hits on “Scarlett Johansson naked pic” keyword phrase.

Dear, Ace on the House (recyclarolla help)

Aceman.  Big fan.  Love the podcasts.  Come back to KC again.  Saw the show earlier this year, it was great.

Sidenote on KC show:  when signing stuff afterward you seemed out of it and soon after that show you revealed on a podcast that you turned down a big syndicated gig.  You had a lot on your mind.  It all makes sense now.  Come back soon.  My buddy Chris (also a fan who attended the show) with the ’64 Vette will let you drive it.

I digress…

I am not in your typical demographic.  I am not a stoner.  I am a college graduate.  I am gainfully employed.  Thusly I hired sub contractors to finish my basement.

The project is complete except for one last detail.  The Recyclarolla.  I designed into the bar a spot for a scaled down version of the recyclarolla.  I have a drawer at half depth so that the internal chute can fit.  The lower drawers house the bins for trash and recyclables.

My dilemma is figuring out how to dress up the opening.  Your traditional iron/metal swivel door probably won’t work due to the overhang of the counter not allowing for the opening to clear the hole.  I don’t have anything cut yet but you can see in the photo what I am dealing with.  The CD represents approximate location of hole to be cut.

I would like your creative advice on this.

PS.  The “Good Times” mirror was a decision by both my wife and I.  We’ve been listening since 1998 Loveline days.


Craig Hope – Kansas City


Used LED lights by the TV.

LED Lighting behind the TV

Scarlett Johansson Naked

So… America… stop using your cell phones to take pictures you wouldn’t want publicly seen.  Scarlett apparently had her phone hacked and the images made their way to the internet.

I admit, when I heard, I googled.  Pow.  Only to be slightly disappointed.

I have to say that this image is no big deal and actually kind of artsy.  There is another that shows your breast.  Again, if this were Europe, that would be used as a students senior picture.  Not a big deal.

scarlett johansson

Compare the above image to others that are seen in magazines.

Vanity Fair

Or from movies…

I don't know what movie this is from, but this is spectacular side boob.

Lighten up America.

For all we know, this is a calculated publicity stunt.

What is education and being educated.

This story on CNN sparked my thinking.  Read “what teachers really want to tell parents“.
After reading the above I remembered coming across this quote and it holds so much truth.

“Educated” – a demonstrated ability to listen carefully, to think critically, to evaluate facts rigorously, to reason analytically, to imagine creatively, to articulate interesting questions, to explore alternative viewpoints, to maintain intellectual curiosity and to speak and write persuasively.
Here’s where I might come off as “preachy”.  Sorry.
Our educational system has kinks in its armor but it is not completely broken.  The public needs to look at the real problems and solve them with honest inspection.  The sad reality is over the last 30 years we have increased spending on education without increasing the results.  There are many reasons and factors to be debated why.  But at the core of our educational system is the student, the teacher, and the parent.

You often hear the sentiment to get rid of “bad” teachers.  Yes.  We can all agree.  Let’s get rid of bad teachers.  But first we have to define what a bad teacher is.  Most of all don’t define a bad teacher by the scores of the students.  Results will vary.   Let’s get rid of bad teachers  like getting rid of bad cops, bad investment brokers, bad “fill in the blank”.   But the reality is that the “bad teacher” is the super minority.  There are far more good and great teachers in our schools.  For every “bad teacher” you will have 10 times as many great teachers who take the extra time and effort to show your child some attention they need as students.

There are also bad parents.  Bad parents present the greatest threat to public school classroom.  Bad parents can come in all socio-economic environments.  The uneducated single mom who scrapes to get by and looks at the school system as a daycare to the Doctor/Lawyer/Engineer who views grade school with arrogance because he has more education than the 3rd grade math teacher.  The other “bad” parent (not really bad as much as annoying) is the helicopter parent who is too involved and gets in the way.

These are not good situations for the student/teacher dynamic. What is a bad parent?  1. Apathetic to the learning process.  2. Lack of discipline over their child that spills into the school.  These are a couple qualities.  This list could be bigger, ask any teacher.  The cause and effect could be expanded upon by the psych community but on the surface parents need to be involved in the school process and support the teachers/administration.  In a classroom of 30 kids, 1 disruptive student causes a teacher to divert attention from the other 29 students and deal with the discipline problem.  This obviously takes away from the effectiveness of the classroom.

What happened to the day when parents blindly stood behind the teachers?  Today it seems more parents blindly stand behind the child and fight the teacher and administration without reviewing the individual situation.  That is too bad.  This creates an overly entitled student/child who will fly the nest into adulthood and play the victim card at every life hardship.

The US is often compared to China in terms of scores.  Its true that China is ahead.  Our American culture has a lot to blame.  Chinese kids live in an environment of fewer freedoms and put a lot emphasis on their education to be able to partcipate in their communist society mostly backed by parents who emphasize education.

American kids fall into 2 camps.  Either they poverty stricken and deal with the depression/oppression of that existence or they are wealthy/affluent kids and look ahead to a trust fund (varying degrees) just getting by with their education.  I realize I painted that with a wide brush and there are exceptions to each.

The upside is that we have public school system that provides the infrastructure for education no matter your economic status.  Teachers play a part.  They are passionate about what they do.  They love your kids too.  They want to see them succeed.  But parents are the bigger part to a successful student.  Parents need to know what is being taught and be sure that they put effort into ensuring their kids are doing the work.
In the book “Freakonomics” they studied the premise of good students who grew up in homes with books.  The hypothesis is that kids who have access to books become better students.  The comparisons were suburban kids with books in the home and urban kids who did not.  The surprising outcome was not that the books were the factor to good students but moreso that the parents living in an affluent neighborhood/city are more educated (college degree) and put an emphasis on education.   The study also found a common denominator in the good students from urban areas where parents took their kids to the public library when they were young for story times and general reading.  Both scenarios have involved parents.

Why do Charter schools produce better results?  It’s not that they hire better teachers or have newer books.  It is successful because the student is put in the school by parents who want better for their child.  An involved parent who made the effort.

Parents, with all this said… “education” does not mean every child goes to college and becomes a doctor, lawyer, or cures cancer.  Learning a trade and becoming successful at is just as productive to our society.  Loving what you do is important too.  It is the parents job to guide our kids into their interests and help them have a sense of purpose.

No matter if you have a college degree, or you are a union tradesman, you have a place in our society.  The very structure you live and work within took individuals who can think critically, to evaluate facts rigorously, to reason analytically, to imagine creatively.

Google Maps Streetview Naked lady

There is so much to point out about this image.

Aside from being naked and and drinking something from a gallon milk jug, look at all the crap littered about.

From the looks of the bicycles in disrepair, this might be the missing black sister from the Brady Bunch.

There is a red shopping cart with what might be her laundry?

The bottom of the pic you see a cute dog (mutt?).

Above all else, she recycles.  There are enough bins to cover all materials.