Good droid apps

As of this post, I have had my droid phone 2 months.  Love it!  It is as fun and usable as an iPod.  Take that Apple.  You are no longer the hottest chick on the block.

Here are some apps I use and enjoy…

1.  WordPress.  I am using it now for this post whilst walking on my treadmill.   It offers quick and easy posts.   You can take pics while posting.

2.  Evernote.  Great note taking.  Lists etc.  Syncs with pc or ipod devices.  Integrates with voice record too.

3.  JuiceDefender.  Helps save battery.  Many apps of this kind.  If you know of any better, please share.

4.  Tweetdeck.  There are tons of twitter client apps.  This one is easy and integrates with facebook, Buzz etc.

5.  Keyring.  Input all of your discount plastic dongle things so you don’t have to lug them around.  Note:  my screen protector sheet inhibits the store scanners.

6.  this is an extension of the free online service.  Centralize the reporting of all your banking and investments.

7.  GroceryIQ.  Great for listing out your household grocery items.  Share your list with others.  My wife and keep this updated and whomever is at the store can grab the items.


Recipe: Spicy Broccoli

Spicy Broccoli

If you are looking for a tasty way to consume broccoli without having to dip in ranch dressing, this is it.

This recipe is not an exact science.  There are variations depending on your tastes.  The broccoli can be firm or soft to your liking (I like it more al dente).

The spice can be ratcheted up or down to your liking as well.  More pepper flakes or more garlic.

– 1 head of broccoli, cut into bit sized florets.
– 2 tbl olive oil
– 1 tbl red pepper flakes
– 2 cloves garlic, minced or chopped fine.
– salt and pepper to taste
– (optional) 1 tbl balsamic vinegar

Preparation:  Boil or steam the broccoli to your desired firmness, then drain.   In a skillet, saute the florets in the olive oil with garlic, pepper flakes, salt and pepper for 2 minutes on med-low heat (don’t overcook the garlic, it will get too bitter).   Toss it all around in the pan.  Optional: sprinkle on the balsamic vinegar and serve.

Chachi heard my tweet… Flattering or Pathetic?

I was goofing off the other day on Twitter.  Clicking around and checking out the new profile features etc.  I was using the new Twitter page look and feel and I noticed the column where Twitter tries to pimp other users.  It has this “similar to” feature and I noticed Kirstie Alley and those who where “Similar To…” her.  Ricki Lake, Jane Fonda, Elizabeth Taylor, and Scott Baio.

I found it funny.  Apparently Scott Baio did not and he replied.

I am not sure what this says about Scott, but its fascinating that a lowly hack blog dipwad such as myself can spark a response from Fonzi’s cousin.

Charles is definitely in charge.

Thanks Mr. Obama, you did something right.

…but I still won’t vote for you in 2012.

Love makes the world go ’round.  I love having extra $ in my paycheck.

Love makes the world go ’round.  I love having extra $ in my paycheck.

Here is a quick Kiplinger article on what it means to you.

Extra money to “We the People” = more money to spend or save.

If we choose to save, we add solid assets to our banking system.

If we spend, we add jobs to those providers to make the goods or offer the services.  Thus, they continue to earn and thrive (and get a tax cut).

What can you do with an extra $50 to $100 per month?

Note: next task, lower our national spending.

I would rather keep money flowing in a free market than allow our professional politicians “decide” what they think it best.

This John Kerry clip sums it up nicely.

Deep Dish Pizza: The original Hope and Garlic

Hope and Garlic

I have made this deep dish pizza in an effort to duplicate a great Chicago style pizza we had in Chicago in 1993.

Recently a version of this pizza was added to the Next Door Pizza menu as the result of a fun Facebook discussion.  They asked for new pizza ideas, I shared mine, they chose it as one of their new items.  I am honored and happy to share its garlicky goodness.

The Next Door Pizza version was voted #2 in Kansas City by The Pitch.

If you want to make it at home, here is how.  Note: My version is more garlicky.  Next Door Pizza uses roasted garlic which offers a sweeter variance to the flavor (still good).

Pizza dough: This may vary.  I use 2 packages of Pizza dough mixes.  The kind you add water to and mix.  But you can do whatever you like.  This is not the best part of the pizza.

Cheese Mix:  8 oz of Mozzarella cheese.  12 oz of ricotta cheese.  1 cup of chopped spinach leaves, 1/2 can of artichoke hearts.   Mix together.

Marinara: 28 oz of tomato sauce, 2 or 4 cloves garlic (minced), 1/2 onion, 1 tsp basil (fresh is best), 1 tsp Oregano, 1 bay leaf, 1 tsp sugar.   Mix in a bowl and allow it to marry.

Build it and they will come: In your deep dish, layer the bottom with dough, bake about 10 minutes (at 350 degrees).  Remove from Oven and let stand a bit.   On the bottom, layer 3/4 of the cheese mix, layer on the the 2nd dough piece, then add the remaining cheese mix.  Cover with the marinara sauce and other 1/2 of the can of artichoke hearts.  Add more minced garlic and mozzarella cheese if you wish.  Sprinkle top with 1/4 cup (6 oz) of Parmesan cheese.

Bake 350 degrees for 30 to 40 minutes.  Or until bubbly.

Charity Navigator

Good Site to research your charitable donations.

Founded in 2001, Charity Navigator has become the nation’s largest and most-utilized evaluator of charities. In our quest to help donors, our team of professional analysts has examined tens of thousands of non-profit financial documents. As a result, we know as much about the true fiscal operations of charities as anyone. We’ve used this knowledge to develop an unbiased, objective, numbers-based rating system to assess the financial health of over 5,000 of America’s best-known charities.