Tomato Pudding

Tomato Pudding

This recipe originates from Mary Beth’s side of the family.  Her Aunt Carol brought it around during Holidays.  Aunt Carol originally wanted the recipe from her former mother-in-law that would never share.  At one point, Aunt Carol serendipitously found the recipe out of a Christian Ladies Cookbook and started serving it at her family gatherings to spite her mother-in-law.  The recipe has moved on.

The name “tomato” and “pudding” don’t sound like tasty together, but this dish is good and I recommend it.  Yes, the dish is sweet.  It is also a rather simple dish as well.

Warning: Not Low Carb.

  • 2 cups fresh white bread, cubed small
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 1/3 cup butter, melted
  • 3/4 cup tomato puree – add water to make 1 cup
  • 1/2 tsp salt

Mix all the ingredients well and put in a greased baking dish (3 Qt) with cover.  Bake 30 minutes at 375 deg.  Remove and cover the last the 15 minutes.  Stir several times after removing cover.


RoadHouse – Carolla/Dameshek commentary


If you have never heard one of these, think of the “Mystery Science Theater 3000” days when those guys would watch an old movie and chat over the scenes.  Funny stuff.

Here comes Adam Carolla and Dave Dameshek offering their comments for the classic Swayze film “Roadhouse”.

Here is how it works….  you listen to the commentary on your iPod (or MP3 player) while watching the movie.  The commentary track will have you start the movie so that everything is in sync.

1. Order the commentary download.

2.  You need your own copy of “Roadhouse”.  Buy on Amazon.

Don’t forget to eat the skin

It’s officially the holiday season… sort of.  I have bagged my fall firearms deer and it is being processed at the locker.  Now thoughts turn to turkey, cranberries, and gravy.  (mmm… gravy…)

Some people enjoy ham.  Who doesn’t?  Ham is good.  Salty.  Juicy.  Delicious.  We will get a big ham and eat on it for days.

My kids see the cooked ham (bone in) and always ask “what is this…?”.  Of course, I have to hold court and explain with clinical detal the section of a pig that makes up the ham.  They look at me with a slurry of confusion and disgust.  It will all come into focus when I explain that bacon comes from a pig and they accept that much better.  In the end they eat the wonderful creature with peas and sweet potatoes.

My point…  After you have a cooked ham, you can add to the enjoyment by removing the fatty skin and making a delicious treat.  I find a good filet knife with a flexible blade will do the trick.  Don’t just throw the skin out.  This is one of the most decadent pieces of the animal kingdom. I like to eat the rendered skin like bacon by chopping up and putting in my morning eggs.

Slice off the fatty skin pieces and place on a cookie sheet.  Heat the oven to 450 and cook them until they are crispy.  It might take about 5-10 minutes.  Don’t worry if your oven starts to get smokey a little.

When they come out of the oven, they will be salty and wonderful like a crispy piece of bacon.

Careful what you post on Facebook

I responded (attempt at humor) to the story about an Oregon school dance being cancelled due to students desire to “grind”.  It made its way to the morning news.

Yet, here I sit with no royalties.  I always thought my lifes path would present the opportunity to respond to the aftermath of my trailer being destroyed by a Tornado.

Thinsulate guide

This is a note to self, but what the heck… I will share it.

When hunting or doing other cold weather activities, what is the best boot and thinsulate rating to wear?

I always prefer waterproof.  They make a good all around boot.

  • Uninsulated to 200 grams: Not good for cold weather – these are spring-to-fall boots.
  • 400 – 800 grams: Best weight for high activity in cold weather or less activity in semi-cold weather.  Hiking, and other active outdoor activities.
  • 1000 – 2000 grams: The best for frigid, mid-winter weather or many hours sitting motionless.  Sitting in a deer stand, your feet don’t need to be cold.



I get junkmail all the time.  We all do right?

We buy something online or even at a store and they grab your email address.  Yes, I recognize we volunteer the info and it is partly my fault.  I am simply too lazy to give them a fake email address.  I have thought about giving a fake email address but chicken out thinking that they see right through my act as I stammer out “craig dot smi… sampsonite! at compuserve dot com”.

Anyway, I digress.  I clicked that “unsubscribe” link from an Aeropostle email and it tossed up a message that it would “…take 5 business days to take effect.”

What!?  5 business days for an automated software driven method of information collection?  Does my request get emailed to some intern at Aeropostle who then has to update the mainframe by retyping my email address?  This should be immediate.  My regional bank offers online banking and my debit transactions are posted almost immediately.

It makes no sense.