Misuse of Technology… silly kids

Do you have pager service in your hotel?

My almost 17 year old nephew communicates almost solely via text messages (unless physically near you).  But then you can be in the same house and he will text instead of climbing stairs.

I digress….  He texted me an item he wants for his birthday.  It’s a audio component for his car, but that’s not important.  I open the text.  It has an attached picture.  I open the picture.  The picture was of a webpage displaying the item.

The dork used his phone to take a picture to then text it to me.

The more prudent method would be to forward the link via email.

The children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way.


One thought on “Misuse of Technology… silly kids

  1. Kids think we’re stupid. He probably figured you didn’t know what the Internet was. (PS: The photo and kids are adorable, but the text is very difficult to read on this page!)

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