Misuse of Technology… silly kids

Do you have pager service in your hotel?

My almost 17 year old nephew communicates almost solely via text messages (unless physically near you).  But then you can be in the same house and he will text instead of climbing stairs.

I digress….  He texted me an item he wants for his birthday.  It’s a audio component for his car, but that’s not important.  I open the text.  It has an attached picture.  I open the picture.  The picture was of a webpage displaying the item.

The dork used his phone to take a picture to then text it to me.

The more prudent method would be to forward the link via email.

The children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way.


My Carbonite Experience

Lost my data, get Carbonite

December Update: I am very satisfied with Carbonite thus far.  The backup was a bit slow but I attribute that to me being cheap with regard to my Internet service (next to lowest bandwidth option through Time Warner).

The interface for managing the backup of files is simple and easy.  Your Windows explorer will display a small dot on the folder and file icons.  Green meaning backed up.  Orange indicating not yet backed up.  The “InfoCenter” is not complicated and displays a progress bar indicating the overall status/progress.  I scheduled my backups to run overnight.

The Holidays mean more pictures and videos and I find myself transferring my photos to the hard drive and then checking Carbonite to be sure they get backed up.

THIS IS A NO BRAINER!!!! Sign up and get your data backed up in the cloud.

(Previous Post) October: I finally decided to signup for an online backup solution.  Until now, I have kept all my data scattered about on a couple home computers and mostly on an external hard drive.

Well… the hard drive crashed.  Stopped spinning.  Disaster strikes.  The good news is that I can pull together the data from the various sources and collect on my drive.

Once that is done, I going to start backing the data up with Carbonite.

My Experience:  The signup and install is easy.  Out of the box, Carbonite only backs up your c: drive.  It does NOT backup any external drives.  However, you can perform steps to mount a drive and then select the folder you want to backup.  For example, I put my files on f:mydata, then I opened disk management and “added a mounted drive” to my newly created c:myexternaldata folder.  See this Microsoft article (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/307889).

NFL is fun…

Chiefs lost.  No undefeated teams after 5 weeks of games.  Hasn’t happened since 1970…  oooh 1970, that’s an interesting number.

There are a lot of unknowns and nobody is dominating.  Anything can happen.  This is fun to watch.

49’ers suck.  They are winless.  Mike Singletary needs to be removed as head coach.  He was an intense and great player, but that has not translated into being a good head coach.  I supposed he is still good at trying to intimidate QB’s, included his own.

Citizen Pledge to Society…

A Pledge to America

The republicans are campaigning on an old platform “A Pledge to America“.  It is nothing new.  I don’t disagree.  It is a simple  rehash of conservative values on which this country was founded.  Bor-Ring!!!!!

But… I am irritated by it.  I am irritated that we too often get fed the message the government takes care of us (the citizens).  Government is necessary to a certain extent (roads and basic services we all share), but the argument begins when our government begins to control too many facets of our lives.  I digress.   … the message is old.   Obviously, my narrative here is for limited government etc.

We The People…

I believe, we (the citizens) need to have our own pledge to this great country and to our fellow citizens.  After all, the cogs that make this machine go ’round are the people who work and contribute to this great free enterprise country.  The pledge goes something like this.

Citizens Pledge

I pledge to my country…

… to behave within the laws of my local, state, and federal governments (that’s pretty simple right?)

… to develop skills that benefit private industry either through education or experience.  (note: skills can be used in public services as well.  I concede this is needed as well)

… to make every effort to be employed in good times and bad either inside or outside my skills or industry of my choosing.  (Note: this does not necessarily mean earning money.  working for free at a school or church can be “employment”, but also feeds into the next item.)

… to live within my financial means and maintain reasonable debt.

… to limit my use of public programs and rely on my own resources.

… to file and pay my taxes on time and lawfully within the tax code.

… to be informed and exercise my right to vote at all local, state, and federal elections.

… to be counted (census) when called upon to be counted.

… to donate time or money to needy causes.

… to respect our neighbors by maintaining property.

… to laugh at myself and recognize my own stupidity.

… to maintain good health by eating right and exercising.  (Disclaimer: consult your doctor before engaging in exercise).

… to plant a tree.

… to be a good example for our kids.

And finally…  Drink plenty of water.