Here is what Lebron should do…

“The Decision” was simply stupid.  It was over-hyped, narcissistic,  and self indulgent.  The spectacle was unnecessary and served no positive purpose for the NBA.  All Lebron needed to do was press release his final decision and follow that up with a few well placed interviews.  That’s all the situation needed.  Keep it simple.

Free Agents often take 2 roads.  Either they want to win by moving onto an established franchise or it is about the money and they move to the highest bidder.  Lebron’s decision was more about being on a winning team.  Joining Wade and Bosh is undoubtedly a good lineup.  However, after “The Decision” production, they better perform.  If the Miami Heat fall short of winning next years championship, they will be an utter failure (even if they were to be IN the Finals).

It can be argued that Cleveland (the Cavs and the city) will see a decrease in their revenues.  The Cavs are victims to free agency and that is the unfortunate byproduct of the process.  I don’t begrudge Lebron for leaving or for “colluding” with Wade and Bosh (I don’t believe they did anything wrong).  They have the right as employees of the NBA to discuss their intentions and desires by the water cooler.

The tragedy is with the city of Cleveland.  Their Son has chosen to leave the home and seek fortunes elsewhere.  The city will see lost revenues from fans who travel to see the team, purchase merchandise, etc.  It happens.  We see this sort of thing every few years and in every sport.  King James feels different.  He seemed to be more connected to Cleveland.  It is sad and I feel for those fans.

Here is my challenge for Lebron.  I want the city of Cleveland to calculate losses in revenue in real terms and have Lebron make up the difference.  This can make things right again.  If his leaving was more about winning, then pony up and make up the financial difference for your leaving.