Re-Blog: Why soccer is not more popular in the United States

Below is a link to a funny-but-true perspective on how we Americans view soccer.

I have to say that the World Cup has been entertaining to watch and I will credit ESPN for their efforts to cover the games.  They have done a really good job.  The TV guys are good, the breakdown is good, the features are good, and the camera’s are great.

The poorest showing of International Soccer (mainly FIFA) is the failure to accept technology and video replays.  It’s an old school (inside-baseball-boys-club) mentality that needs to find a progressive path.  It’s not just the bad off-side call against the US.  England got robbed of a goal too.  There are many others to count.

There is hypocrisy in the stance against “use of technology”… the refs use headsets where they get voices telling them to “watch out for…elbows, etc.”.

Why soccer is not more popular in the United States | Guyism.


Water Bottles, many uses…

We all need to drink water.  Simply drink more water.  It is cliche to say, but using plastic simply ain’t cool anymore.  You should invest in a BPA free metal style bottle.  The beauty of the metal bottles is they are tough.  We have one that has a huge dent in the side.  Still works.  Works fine.

But, you can use these for more than water.  During these summer months, you can fill with your favorite poolside beverage (margarita’s, Coconut rum with lime, heck drop a 40 oz of Bud in there).  The bottles are ideal for any venue where glass is not a smart idea.  Off load your favorite wine into a 1000ml sized bottle for a picnic.

Don’t let the price scare you.  They are a bit more expensive but they are worth it.  These bottles last forever.

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Afghanistan… Obama pulled the wool over your eyes

My conservative leanings are often challenged during this Obama administration.  I rant about many things, but I try to temper them because I want the country to succeed in spite of a being led by an Administration I don’t agree with.

The point here is how people are so gullible during the campaign.  The promise of withdrawing from Afghanistan in particular.  This mini-rant is not about the strategy.  That is another discussion altogether.  But the prospect that there is a large debate on strategy feeds to my point that there are many decisions yet to be made that you can’t set a firm withdrawal date publicly.

I said it during the election.  It is proving to be very true now.  The war in Afghanistan is not going to end until “…conditions on the ground” are favorable.  The Presidents listen to their Military people.   They should.  Obama campaigned on a different platform and now is going back to the normal way of conducting wars.   This means the promise of a complete withdrawal is broken.  At the very least it was a spun promise.

Claire McCaskill said it this morning on Morning Joe.  The Obama camp ran on a platform of peacenik withdrawal from wars.  I knew then it was unrealistic and no matter what President we elected the outcome with the wars would be the same.  Yet, many of the electorate based their vote on the withdrawal promise.

I hope people choose to vote in a more educated way in the next election.

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“Bakon”, Baked Bacon…


This method of cooking bacon is not my own invention and one that is most likely employed by many in the food world.  I have to give credit to my friend Jason McMahon.  He use this method one weekend when rustlin’ up the grub during a dudes weekend where he was cooking for 6 ravenous hungover 30-somethings.

The method is easy, clean and allows you more time to do other things in the kitchen.

Using a cookie sheet covered with foil, you place the slices of bacon on the foil.  I like to pepper the bacon really good, but that is optional.  Heat the oven to 350 and cook until your desired level of crispy is achieved.

In about 15 to 20 minutes you have a literal “slice” of heaven.

Bakon Finished...