Mothers Day Flowers – Don’t forget

It’s that time of year when Mothers Day sneaks up on you.  Your wife, your mom, your grandmother, your mistresses mom… you pick.  They all could use a floral distraction on Mothers Day.

It can be an easy task when ordered online.

Send Flowers at 1-800-FLORALS


Obesity and Smoking

The 2 top jobs of this country are occupied by people practicing unhealthy behavior.

Regina M. Benjamin

Regina M. Benjamin is our surgeon general and a bit overweight.  Not long ago, society would not judge (maybe refer to it as “big boned”) and simply move along.  Since passing the healthcare bill, we have entered into a new paradigm where we can size up someones health and equate that to long term dollar figure.  After all, if someones obesity turns into more serious health issues they will eventually tap into our federal tax bucket to treat the problems.  Based on this shared responsibility, we can voice our concern.

Barrack Obama is a smoker.   His habit is not talked about much (at least not criticized to the level is should be), but his recent physical revealed that he is still trying to quit.  Good for him and we should hope Michelle nags the crap out of him as she continues her effort to reduce childhood obesity.

They are poor examples of “practice what you preach”.  It needs to be pointed out.

Can they change?  Yes.  I hope they do and make effort to get healthier for themselves and for the health of our national debt.

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Cirque du Soleil to put on Michael Jackson show

Cirque du Soleil is developing shows based on the music of Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson - Cirque Du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil to put on Michael Jackson show –

I have seen a Cirque show (Spring of 2009).  They are great!  It was the Beatles show.

The music and the imagry are outstanding and would be worth the $200 ticket (even though I was comp’d by a vendor).

If you have not been, it’s worth it.

Sexceptions List

(Modified April 2010)

Everyone has this list.  I am just that stupid to put it on my blog site.

“Sexception” = (sex-sept-shun), noun, list of people whom you and your spouse agree would be fair game in the event the opportunity presented itself.

Strategic Note: If one were to be a true cheat, they would put the hot cashier from the local grocery store on this list.  I, however, did not.  I shot for the stars.

No particular order…

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston: beautiful, same age.  What else needs to be said?

Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy: This may change.  Her vaccination campaign might guide her to the nutty list.  She’s funny and playful.  And… just broke up with Jim Carrey.

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore: I get crap for mentioning her on this list, but heck she’s funny too and seems like decent person to be around.  I might be a step up.  She married Tom Green for goodness sake.

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes:  Pedophile alert… I know, she’s half my age (almost).  Amanda is a new addition simply because she only turned 21 in the last year or 2.  She’s a doll and very funny.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian: Thick OR Thin, she has it going on.

Thanks Lee’s Summit Scoop…

Lee's Summit Circa 1940

This blog site got crossed linked on (thanks Melanie).  It’s true that this site(blog) is purely random and can reflect my moods.  I don’t take myself as seriously as some of my posts might indicate.  Like everyone else, I get frustrated with politics but I won’t shy away from the discussion and like to keep informed.  If anyone responds to my posts negatively, I don’t take it personally.   Opinions are like assholes, we all got ’em.

I also like to post goofy / funny news items with some commentary.  I hope you enjoy and try not to offend (too many).

As a lifelong resident of LS, I like to follow leessummitscoop to know what else might be going on around this ‘burg.  This place is growing and growing pretty fast.

I can honestly say that LS does not look like it did in the mid 70’s when I had my first memories living here (born in 70).  In high school, this place was moreso a puritanical bedroom community with limited commerce and jobs.   We have evolved.  Today, we can attend live music and festivals in the streets.  Adults and families alike can enjoy the sights and sounds of LS entertainment.  The jobs are coming to this place too.  Bigger companies are moving in.  This progressive nature is nice to see.

I recently began compiling a list of the night life (bars etc).  This activity did not exist as recent as 15 years ago.  There were a few places to go but mainly we saw Applebee’s or other franchises.  Kudos to our citizens and to our civic leaders.

Anyway, Thanks Melanie for adding me.  I will try to keep folks entertained/enlightened/enraged/etc.

Links:  History of Lee’s Summit