Biden F@$#%@ apologizes

The New Big F$@%# Deal

At a signing ceremony for the newly passed Health Care Bill, Joe Biden introduced President Obama with some colorful language.  As he passed the podium over to Obama Joe leaned in and “whispered” the phrase “this is a big F@#&@^#% deal”.  President Obama nodded and took the podium to address the crowd.

It was unclear and inaudible what President Obama said in response but experts from NASA have scoured the tape and interpreted that Obama responded with “No Sh*t”.

A teen from South Pasadena who founded the no cussing club is asking Vice President Biden to apologize for his language.  Biden’s office has not offered comment.

The incident at the podium is confusing to democrats who have long insisted that only Bush republicans commit gaffs during public speaking.  Democrats have long held the monopoly on perfect diction and composure while addressing the media.  This incident by VP Biden is the first of its kind according to ACORN and MSNBC.

On a contrary note, our staff interviewed some democratic senators.  Claire McCaskill commented that “Joe says stupid sh*t all the time…”  link

After the podium incident, The Drudge Report posted the teleprompter notes being used at the time of the foul-mouthed exchange.  The notes are below.

VP: Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States Barrack Obama
[turn, greet president, shake hand, give euro style cheek touch, remind him this is a big F*cking deal]

Pres: Thank you everybody.  [wait for applause to settle before gloating about healthcare]

Joe Biden has not immediately offered any comments on the event and is focused on the health care passing and working with the senate to pass the fixes.

The no cussing advocates inspired by the South Pasadena teen have been relentlessly posting messages on Biden’s facebook page.  Two days following the event and reading the account of the South Pasadena teen, Joe Biden decided to respond and posted an apology on the Rachel Maddow blog site.  The posting has been since taken down for an unknown reason.  Some speculate that Mr. Bidens response was too sincere and lacked the proper tone becoming to a Vice President.

Our staff reporter caught up with Joe Biden late Thursday evening as he was leaving a Georgetown bar and Biden was asked “Is it true you apologized for the F word?”.  Biden responded curtly yet with a slight slur in his speech, “yes, I said I was f@$#^# sorry.”

A Biden staffer stepped in a shielded reporters from the entourage and added some context by saying, “KU just lost and this is not a good time for any comments.”


Rush Limbaugh undergoes amputation

August 12, 2015

HR 3590

Media mogul Rush Limbaugh is admitted to a Palm Springs hospital and undergoes amputation surgery to remove his left foot.  The amputation was a direct result of complications with diabetes.

Rush has been battling weight issues since the 80’s when he was working for the Kansas City Royals.  His success in radio has introduced and afforded him a love of cigars and red meat.  Throughout the years, Limbaugh has lost and gained weight.  Like many Americans who battle weight gain, he lost the war.  Within the last few years, he was diagnosed with diabetes and has been controlling the disease with insulin.

It is interesting to note that Limbaugh’s procedure was covered under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (HR 3590) passed in 2010 by a partisan democratic controlled congress.  The surgery is reported as costing taxpayers $45,000 including the hospital visit and physician fees.  There will be ongoing costs of rehabilitation and learning to walk with aid of a peg leg.  The ongoing costs of prosthesis will run approximately $2,300 per year.  All covered by what was referred to as “Obamacare”.

How is a wealthy man covered?  According to tax records, Limbaugh made only $77,000 in 2014 putting him under the income level eligible for government subsidized healthcare.  By the law, he can be covered.  The out-of-pocket cap was reached and the government covered the remaining dollars.

Opponents and critics of Limbaugh are screaming outrage.  Limbaugh responded, “If my government hurries a bill into law, they better cover all their bases.  Nothing I have done is illegal.  I love my country and everything it has done for me.”

In other related health care news, the 235th mistress of Tiger Woods had a government funded abortion on thursday.  The mistress Stacey Sebelius, niece to former Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius said in a statement, “I am thankful for Aunt Kat.  Now I have extra money for earrings.”

Healthcare Bill passed…

I don’t know what to think.  As a conservative, I fear that we are putting too much control in the hands of a bureaucracy.  I know that sounds like a cliche or a republican talking point but I really don’t think our voting public fully understands the impact of doing this.

As a middle class wage earner, I feel like the hardest hit.  Our income doesn’t have the cushion to absorb more taxation or fees.  This is going to suck.

I feared long ago that this bill would pass and it almost didn’t due to the over-reaching lefty ideas of single payer systems.  The Democratic leadership could have passed something a long time ago.  They had the seats.  They had all the power.  But instead they tried to grab too much power and alienated the centrists of their party.  In the end, they got it done.  They got it done with some curious deal and got it done in a partisan way.  They now own it.

What will the future hold?  I suppose we can only find out.  For those of you without coverage because it costs too much, you will now have it.  It won’t be free.  You WILL be paying something into the system.  I hope for your sake you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

For those who could afford it and chose not to, welcome to the club and pay into the system.

For those who are under the poverty line and don’t have coverage or had medicaid, well… you’re welcome.  Now the rest of us will have to pay a little bit more to cover you.  However, your scooter will be taxed.

I do feel defeated.  But I am not as right-wing enough to shout things at politicians or throw things.  I am more dignified than that.  I really want to talk/listen/analyze this bill based on the policy.  These next couple of days will be filled with victory talk by the democrats.   I don’t want to watch.  I will just read about what the bill actually has in it.

I just hope that the voting public who is truly upset by a bill they didn’t want make themselves heard next fall.

No more sugary drinks for you young man

No more smoking for you... Mr. ... Obama.

Grrr…My Response to Craig’s “Re-Learning Math” Post

(Mary Beth) What do you mean “start in grade school?” What do you THINK THEY’RE DOING IN GRADE SCHOOL?

I hate this “the U.S. doesn’t stack up against other nations” crap.

#1: What do Americans like to do on the weekends? We like to relax. We go to the lake, we knock back a couple of cold ones with our friends… we plan outings and activities that are FUN. And, on the weeknights? We like to watch American Idol or some other reality nonsense after we get home from our kids’ 42 sports activities. So, what’s my point? CULTURE. The American culture says, “Life is short, let’s enjoy it.” Now, if you’re willing to give that up, fine. But changing our CULTURE? Good luck. I don’t see every American K-6th grader spending evenings at Kumon after a full day of public school, do you?

#2: In the U.S., thanks to the grand vision of our founding fathers, we provide a free education to every child through grade 12. EV-ER-Y child. In the nations we’re being compared to, free public education is for students through 8th grade. After 8th grade, students in other nations are filtered into either a trade-school track or a college track. In our country EVERY child is tested; in other nations, only the cream of the crop is tested. Apples to oranges.

#3: You want me to do my job better? Do yours. I need every parent to send me children who are prepared to learn. Read to your child every night at bedtime starting at birth. Play math games at dinner, in the car, and when you’re waiting with your child in the doctor’s office. Make your child work HARD on their homework (quit doing it FOR them). Make your child “look it up.” And, TALK to your child. A LOT. One of the single biggest determining factors of a child’s school success is the number of words per day he/she hears at home. Expect your child to respect you, and discipline him/her when s/he is disrespectful. If I call home to report your child was disrespectful at school, it was a BIG DEAL, so support me. (I don’t call home if it’s small potatoes. I handle the small stuff on my own.) Classroom management strips away a LOT of learning time.

#4: Let me do my job. Stop expecting me to teach material that is unrelated to my curriculum… Character education, career education, DARE, CHOICES, dental care, etc., etc., etc. These are wonderful programs. They are. But, if you’re going to keep whining about how we don’t stack up with other nations, let me teach the core curriculum.

#5: The highest math class I took in high school was Algebra II, and the highest math class I took in college was College Algebra. I never took trig; I never took calculus. Granted, I am not an engineer (neither are you!), but I am not wanting for math skills. I managed to obtain two bachelor’s degrees and a master’s. There are a lot of us out here who were not graced with a math brain, so torturing us all with advanced math would be pointless. Instead, how about if we find out what percentage of the Chinese population has taken calculus, and we aim for a similar percentage?

Re-learning Math

Learn your gozintas.

Nerd Alert!  For those who know me, you have heard me speak passionately (err… angrily) about how little American students are doing with learning Math.  We can do better.

We need to start math  in grade school and carry it on through college.  EVERY student should graduate having taken and passed calculus (not “business calculus”).

Anyway, I don’t want to rant or paint too broadly here.  There are many students who achieve good math skills and become our engineers/architects/problem solvers.  For that, I am pleased.

I found this podcast that I wanted to share.  It has a short tips on doing math problems.  I challenge people to take 7 minutes once a week and work through one of the tips.