Obama approval ratings… This is something that has been on my mind during all of this healthcare talk. The polls show a drop in his Approval. The honeymoon is over. He is losing his “independant” voters (aka, the “no more bush” crowd). We are now seeing how far left this administration really is and how partisan this administration can be. The elected officials have passed a bunch of spending bills already and now start the talks of healthcare which will put our national debt even higher. They don’t even need the republicans to do it. A scary mechanism we voted in.

Yet we sit by and watch. No, wait. The polls are showing a drop. I think this polling shows how generally conservative this country really is. The 2008 election of Obama was not about voting for a President as much as it was NOT voting for the other team. The Healthcare debate demonstrat the frustration of the average citizen. I am not sure the democrats are listening. They might be so power crazed at the moment they can’t hear (cornhulio). The next election cycle will tell the tale.

People need to learn to vote intelligently and not from some feel-good stance. Think about policy. Think about past voting records (oh… that’s right). Think about what is good for you as an individual, then as a nation. Also understand what built this country and what makes this country great. Contact your Senators and Reps via email and phone if possible. Let them know what you think. Do it in a constructive manner. Tell them what you want.
Don’t get caught up in the delivery of the rhetoric, but rather listen to what politicians are saying. Obama can deliver a good speech, Bush was a terrible speaker. These are pretty good facts that everyone can agree upon. The modern era of national politics gets cloudy with TV images and sound bytes. Listen and think. Discuss and debate. Understand what you are voting for. Above all, make your vote count.

What’s the deal with advertising a product and service that you already purchased? Let me explain…

I took the boy to a Fazolli’s and sat down at the table. (I had a weak moment and decided to eat some pasta, but… i did have a moderately strenuous workout and felt deserving. I splurged on some pasta.)

On the table in the condiment caddy was an ad stating something like “Fazolli’s voted top 10 fast-casual eatery in Parent magazine” or something. The message was clear… “we are cool, eat here…”

My point? Why are you wasting energy advertising to a person who has already sat down in your business and ordered your product? It doesn’t make sense. Does it reinforce my decision? Don’t know… maybe.

I do get it that they advertised in Parent magazine, makes sense. In the actual restaurant? Now I sound crazy and Seinfeldian. Sorry.

Enough… I said my peace.