Healthcare and Illegal immigrants

We can kill 2 birds with 1 stone. If 10 million illegals are taxing the Emergency rooms, why not place Immigration officials at our Emergency Rooms?

1. We could possibly deter frivolous sickness from entering the ER, thus reducing costs.

2. We could start taking names and addressing the illegal population by either deporting or offering amnesty and getting more consumers on the tax roles.


Letter to a 23 year old me…

Hey Stud. Where were you last night? Get up! It’s noon. You have stuff to do and your technical writing paper needs some polishing.

Here are some warnings/advice that I would give myself.

1. Don’t be concerned about what sort of car you drive.
2. Stay clear of credit cards.
3. (or 3a.) Don’t browse catalogs. It will reduce your impulse buying urges.
4. See that flat stomach… it won’t last forever. Eat right and get some exercise.
5. Always vote republican. Avoid the Libertian or “independent”. It only means they don’t have a stance on policy.
6. Always wait for the 2nd generation of a product.
7. Always have a blue suit ready for interviews and weddings.
8. Finish school when you are young.
9. Choose a career in something you find interesting or enjoy. You WILL be successful. Money is not going to make you happy. As cliche as that sounds, it’s true.
10. Consume beer cautiously after taking aspirin or giving blood.

Life is too short to struggle through with regret or bitterness.

Is this picture doctored?

It appears that Tom has been cut out and moved up to look taller next to a 6 foot Beckham. Or, he is far enough in front that this he appear taller.

The missing Cruise feet at the bottom is suspect.

Everyone Should Twitter. If you own a business, you should twitter. If you are selling a product, you should twitter. Get the message out to our A D D brains. It is easy. It is free. And most of all, it can reach our web enabled hipster phones.

I want to see more restaurants on twitter so they can twitter today’s special. My friend Cassie should Twitter her storefront. Kim should Twitter her cakes (not Kardashian).

My friend Adam Campbell should twitter. Wait… Adam is twittering. He just hasn’t tweeted lately.

Fitness guy Craig Ballantyne should use Twitter along with the mailing lists.

It is simply a great way to follow friends or be followed by customers etc etc.

Here is a great friend tweet example. You are at the ball game and you simply tweet “come to the Rivals sports bar in the 8th inning”. Maybe your follower buddies who are at the game will come.

Sure… you can simply call people on your cell phone, but then you are that guy chatting away on the celly annoying the people near you.

A quick tweet. Try it.

Follow me on Twitter.

The man scarf? This has been around for some time now. I am totally not a fan. This should be an automatic revocation of the man card.

It had better be below freezing before wearing a scarf and that scarf better be designed for warmth.

James Bond wearing a tux can wear a scarf. That’s fine.

Overall, the man scarf is an accessory that tells us you spend too much time primping and staring at yourself in the mirror.

Keep it simple.