I suppose I need to post something to claim that I still have a blog. March 1st was my last post. I blame facebook for sucking the time away.

Why not comment on Michael Jackson like everyone else? Here goes.

I enjoyed his music as a kid (teen years). I can’t say that I was a “fan” of Michael himself but I look back and can say I enjoyed the music and the videos. As time moved on and he began to exhibit odd behavior by wearing the crazy jackets, I became less of a fan. But… the music was still working.

I think it was the early or mid 90’s when the child molestation allegations started. That is when it turned for the worse. He started transforming, literally changing shape. He went from a fresh faced gerry curled dancing fool to a skinny dark-haired ugly white chick.

It’s mostly tragic. Michael Jackson was a great talent and produced some of the best entertainment for many decades starting in his childhood. Somewhere along the way, a switch got flipped and his life became a trap.

Everyone agrees something traumatic occurred in his life but we don’t know exactly what. The tell-all books will certainly come out in the next 5 years or so and we might know more.

Michael was a protected and sheltered commodity that became a victim of his own fame. So sad.

I don’t like the commentary that brushes past his child molestation charges with complete forgiveness as if it never happened. Let’s keep it all in perspective.