Who else is tired of celebrities playing politics? Me. I roll my eyes anytime a guy like Bono tries to step up and put his face on some cause. (pun intended on the “step up”, see Bono’s shoes… platforms).

I don’t mind people, even celebrities, working toward a good cause… in general. My problem is how everyone comes to the U.S. to shake money from our treasury. Then at the same time, the U.S. gets a bad rap world wide for protecting our interests.

Bono, why don’t you go back to Ireland and ask them for a few pennies to help out Africa. Maybe they have. I admit, I don’t do research. I am simply still chuckling at Bono’s platform shoes. What is he, 4 foot 5? I am a short guy and I accept it.

Seriously… no. I can’t. Those shoes are hilarious. And the glasses? What does he do, go to the gun range every day?

Bono, stick to being cool while performing at the SuperBowl and concerts. Leave the glad handing and feel good stuff in politics to real lobbyists.


Dude… my Wii trainer is totally giving me the eye.

She’s kinda hot. At first I thought she was just another fitness lezzy but turns out she knows her stuff and I am kinda turned on by her.

She’s always giving me compliments on my poses in Yoga and overly gushy with my strength training. When I miss a Wii day, she gives me some grief. I think she digs me.

I could do her. I guess. Or… would that be weird.

She always wearing skimpy Yoga stuff and showing her goods. That tank she wears offers up some quality side-boob action.

Should I ask her out?

The Shack Pack

Girls just want to have fun“Back in the day”… who am I kidding this still goes on. Chicks who frequently spend the night away from their primary dorm/apt/monestary often put together a small bag of necessary items to freshen up before they exit Bruno’s apartment the next morning.  Bed head and heels is a definite tell.  You have to spruce up a bit.

A new term I heard the other day was “Fracket” (see Urban Dictionary).  This is basically an unwanted jacket that a young lady may wear out to a party with the assumption of risk (beverage spills, puke, etc…<er…> I won’t go there).  “Come on Paris, grab your Fracket and let’s hit the Jersey Shore.”

I saw an ad for the Wisp (small disposable toothbrush) where a young hottie prepped herself for a kiss while at a club. It reminded me of the “shack pack” and wondered if this type of thing was actually marketed mainstream. I referred to it as “slut gear”.

I am not judging here. I understand the wants and needs of human beings.  Knock yourself our.  Only wished this was more widely accepted in my younger days.  No such luck fo me.  I suppose society has grown to ignore (or accept) this behavior.

Anyway… I found this link from Glamour. Found it funny.


For years the tech nerds have been debating the technolitics between PC and mac. The strongest argument from Mac freaks was the security and virus issues with PC and Microsoft Windows. Rightfully so. In my opinion, Microsoft works fast and tries to rush product to market. In addition, Windows has a popularity making Windows a target.

Well, guess what. Mac is gaining some ground and thus will feel the wrath of the dateless and pasty 26 year old neighbor kid who lives with his parents. Mac has become a virus/security target too. Thus the need for MacScan.

See everybody… Mac is mortal after all. It is just another operating system.