A ThanksGiving message...

After you have watched the Macy’s parade, thought of the local mission, coats for kids, or whichever charity that really hits the advertising hard from mid November on, begin to think of yourself. It’s “me” time. Don’t lose too much on the needy. They are taken care of. Give back to yourself. Think of “you”.

Focus on your kids, your wife, your pets, your car, your hobbies, your sock drawer. Not necessarily in that order.

Focus on your own need for meditation and solitude. Lock yourself in a room and watch football or “read” your favorite skin mag.

Write a letter to someone you don’t know. Move money from savings to checking. Do all those things you neglect to do February through November. This is your time. Enjoy it while it lasts. It won’t last long.

Now that we have Obama-elect and a democratic dominated congress, don’t worry about the recently foreclosed or the below poverty income earners. Our government will take care of them. The rest of us can relax and concentrate on our own well being.

[oops… my monacle slipped out]

Thanksgiving is about family…err football. Lost my head. It’s time for family to sit around and watch football and ignore each other. Don’t talk, just sit. SHHHHHH…. and enjoy the ramblings of John Madden’s mindless geriatric explanations of how to move the football 10 yards at a time.

Thanksgiving is about 4 day weekends, friday sales, and putting up the decorations to the sounds of Bing Crosby.

Just sit back and enjoy. Monday will be here before you know it.


It is election day. Get your butt to the polls and vote.

I heard a radio news piece where the reporter was asking people standing in line to vote who they were going to vote for. This one young man (guessing 20’s or early 30’s) claimed he was still undecided and thinking about it.

What? &$&#^#%$#@%%. You are in line to vote and still undecided? We have had (errr Endured) 8 months of nothing but “who is this guy” “who is that guy” television and radio. How the F can you still be “undecided”? This guy is an example of the 40% of uninformed American voters who are going to essentially flip a coin based on the last piece of propoganda that they see or hear. BTW, Obama is a terrorist… google it. (Just Kidding! He is not. But he looks like one… JUST KIDDING!!!!!) Obama is a good guy and his brand of liberalism only works on a small scale (local politics) and not good for the US in its whole. I am voting for McCain.

I am a big believer in free will and this guy has every right to vote. I encourage his vote. But I would also encourage this type of voter to get more informed before casting a vote that may not reflect his true wants/needs.

Either Way… go vote.

I am Craig Hope and I approve this message.