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Obama simply puts his political stature above the reality of the war.


Lobbyists… This word gets a bad name. When you think of lobbyists, you immediately think of bribes and shady deals.

The reality is this, we need lobbyists. They represent the private industry. They are looking out for the best interest of your line of work. There has been reform with lobbyists and they must be registered. You can find information online about the various lobbyists. I encourage everyone to do their due diligence.

If you work for a large corporation, you most likely have a lobbyist working to contact your legislators and other government representatives to discuss laws and actions that benefit your company or industry. It truly is a good thing and a needed component of our government.

Do bad results happen? Sure. But let’s shine a light on those bad results and make the people involved have some accountability. A bad lobbyist won’t be able to take on clients, thus fail at their venture. A bad politician won’t get re-elected. My point… don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.

In all the debates, remember that both McCain and Obama listen to their respective lobbyists. If Obama is going to right the ship with the auto industry, he will be sure to listen to the UAW union(s). If McCain is going to correct the education policies, he will listen to the teacher Union(s).

…I’m just sayin’.

I’m Craig Hope and I approve this message.

Game on! This really summarizes the coming campaign months. The phase of big fancy talk is over. Let’s talk brass tacks.

Barack and Biden are going to have to explain to everyone why over taxing the wealthiest of our country is a good idea. They are going to have to tell us why offshore drilling can’t be allowed (we already do it elsewhere).

Most of all, he is going to have to defend his lack of experience and why he didn’t vote all those times during his short tenure in the Senate.

The bloom is off the rose. Barack’s big small will turn to a scrunchy face of pain when runs into tough questions.