Here is the problem with Obama. He is talking a big game spouting hope and change during this campaign. He is getting much support from the general public. The Democratic party, I am speculating, is not fully behind him. They are simply support Barrack because the public is mostly telling the party to do so.

This is why I think they brought in Biden to babysit and make sure that there are is still a connection to the old democratic party.

Read Charles K for a summary. (Sorry, you may need to signup for a Wash Post free account). Chuck makes some great points that Obama has been nominated without any credible supporters in his life. He has spent more time telling the story of his life than telling of his experience and accomplishments as a leader. Why? He has more personal bio than public service bio.

We are going to know more about Barrack when the debates begin. He is now going to have to put some substance behind his words. I don’t expect him to keep up the same popularity after we hear how much wealth redistribution and socialism he will try to institute.

Most of the voters in America are dumb. They simply follow the face and the simple rhetoric. That phase of the campaign is over and now we get into the real issues. The thinking voter will begin to discern who is the best candidate.

Can Obama be a good public servant and leader? I believe he can, but not right now. Not as President. This nation needs a tougher foreign policy Prez, not a “let’s talk it out” guy. He needs to understand that international negotiation doesn’t have much impact unless you have an aircraft carrier in the nearby sea.


I have been thinking more and more about ways to get away from gas cars and into more alternative fuel cars. I admit this may be half baked.
Speed limit increases could be our “ticket” pardon the pun to sparking the interest… sorry another pun.
Adam Carolla started a rant about how certain stretches of highway and better safety feature of cars make it quite reasonable to increase speed limits. I agree.
The first pushback on the topic will be fuel efficiency. 55 MPH is the most fuel efficient speed to drive. It came about during the 70’s and the other fuel crisis we had (we never learn). But I have a reversal to that argument.
If drivers were given a special driving permit and cars were to be inspected more often for safety, we can grant drivers the right to drive 90 on open highways. We could even designate a special lane.
Here is my angle… If you drive an electric or alternative fuel car, you are allowed to speed or go the posted top end speed limit. This could stimulate more interest in electric cars.
Downside… I realize these 2 holes. 1. Alternative fuel cars are not long distance cars. 2. Electric cars are expensive right now.
Tesla Motors makes electric sports cars. It’s worth talking about.

we are starting to act wiser with our cars and consumption. granted, we are being forced to by higher prices. but, simple econ101 is what this country is fueled by. you afford… you consume.

here is what irks me. we are seeing more and more alternative fuel cars being showcased by major manufacturers, but the public balks at hydrogen, natural gas, and ethenol. mainly because these fuels are not widely available.

I propose that all the dealerships who sell these cars install the filling stations needed. this will make buying the alternative fuel cars more attractive. then with more cars on the road, the major energy distributors will slowly come online.

its a chicken and egg thing.