Bus Drivers

First of all, if you drive a school bus… stop reading now or go into work and punch all of your mouth breathing co-workers in the face for giving your beloved profession a bad name.

I often cross paths with a school bus in the mornings and afternoons. The school bus facing me has to stop and pick up kids. This presents the opportunity to see the person who drives the bus. Needless to say, I am never impressed. I know I shouldn’t judge based on appearances alone, but having been a child riding the bus I know the irritating humans they put behind the wheel. As an adult, I see this in a different light and it the light isn’t any better.

These are some interesting folks who we entrust to drive our kids to school in a state maintained vehicle devoid of seat belts. Take a close look. What do you see?

I see crazy. I see unemployable. I see nicotine patches. I wonder what the career path for drivers must be. Do you start at ice cream truck, move up to bus driver, then maybe a limo or public transit? Uniforms possibly add some dignity to the profession. We all liked Ralph Kramden. He had a uniform and a hat. Respectable and dignified… until he got home and threatened his wife each night.

What a crazy job it must be. Obviously it is a part time gig for school bus drivers. Mornings, afternoons, maybe the occasional evenings for a sports team.

I have no point really. I was just babbling thinking about the brain that wakes up one day and says, “I think I will apply to drive a bus.”


Drink water. Duh. Been fed this line for years but it still holds true. Now that gas prices are now exceeding the bottled water prices (per unit)… I don’t know but sounded good, it is a good time to invest in a good water bottle for the summer.

You can find many models of water bottles. Most are plastic and ok, but if you want to take your tree hugging to the next level invest in a stainless steel model.

Why? All those individual plastic water bottles have to end up in your recycling bin or worse yet, the landfills. Either way, they still need to be hauled on large trucks thus burning fossil fuel for the transit. The re-usable stainless bottle is the best alternative.

Plus… they look cool.