Basra Iraq… tsk tsk tsk. We are seeing clashes between the Al-sadr militia and Iraq security forces. Recall that the British pulled out of Basra last summer/fall. This is a pretty good example of what might happen if Coalition forces exit quickly throughout Iraq. Obama, you want that on your resume? I know you will claim “I didn’t start this war…”, but the US needs to help finish it.

Not exactly sure Al-Sadr’s intentions or desire, but the reality that he exists and has a large Shiite following.

Keep an eye on this one.


3/23/08 Sunday (final blog)

Yesterday, I ate something that would seem to be something from an exotic food channel program. We cooked a ham for the entire family. As a result of that, we took the skin and fat off the ham and continued to cook it (render) in the oven. The outcome was a delicious bacon-like consumable item called “cracklin”. It tasted like bacon. It was awesome.

Well…. i feel guilty about it. So, I figured I should post my final blood results after 12 weeks of diet and exercise.

Total Cholesterol: Went from 228 to 204 in 12 weeks. No medication involved.
HDL (good): My HDL stayed about the same. Consuming more Omega3 would be a benefit.
LDL (bad): this number went down which is good.
Ratios: The ratios went down slightly over the course of the plan but still hover on the high side.Most physicians would put me on meds to lower cholesterol.

Results:12/18/2007 08:30 Cholesterol, Total 228 mg/dL
12/18/2007 08:30 Triglycerides 147 mg/dL
12/18/2007 08:30 HDL Cholesterol 45 mg/dL
12/18/2007 08:30 LDL Cholesterol 154 mg/dL (calc)
12/18/2007 08:30 Chol/HDL Ratio 5.1 (calc)
12/18/2007 08:30 LDL/HDL Ratio 3.4 (calc)

Results:1/10/2008 08:59 Cholesterol, Total 209 mg/dL
1/10/2008 08:59 Triglycerides 119 mg/dL
1/10/2008 08:59 HDL Cholesterol 43 mg/dL
1/10/2008 08:59 LDL Cholesterol 142 mg/dL (calc)
1/10/2008 08:59 Chol/HDL Ratio 4.9 (calc)
1/10/2008 08:59 LDL/HDL Ratio 3.3 (calc)

Results:3/5/2008 08:59 Cholesterol, Total 204 mg/dL
3/5/2008 08:59 Triglycerides 157 mg/dL
3/5/2008 08:59 HDL Cholesterol 41 mg/dL
3/5/2008 08:59 LDL Cholesterol 132 mg/dL (calc)
3/5/2008 08:59 Chol/HDL Ratio 5.0 (calc)
3/5/2008 08:59 LDL/HDL Ratio 3.2 (calc)

Thursday 3/6/08 (Week 12)

I am in the final week of the program and everything is going well. No drastic changes to note. I did take my weights from each day in january and february and averaged them out.

January I averaged 154 and in February 153. 1 lb does not sound like a lot but over the course of 30 days, I see it as a big change.

I took my final lab yesterday and the results should be in soon. The fat analysis will be next week. I will have the summary of results at that point and can give a total analysis after that.

It’s not over, I will continue this lifestyle. Having tried many of the workouts and different exercises, I have some that I feel give me a better workout. The squats are too extreme based on my workout room. The walking lunges and gobet squat work much better and I can feel the effect the next day. The workout (“B” I think) that uses 2 sets of 20 is probably the best. The pushups are a surprisingly effect workout when they are sprinkled in among the other exercises.

I have been watching a lot of FitTV where they take fat folk and direct them to eating and exercise. The common denominator is food. More nutrition and no empty calories. Each as much nutrition you need and avoid flour, sugar, starch (the white stuff). Combine that eating with some exercise and you have a fat loss formula.

For those who are thinking about losing fat and feeling better, this workout works. If your doctor tells you should “lose weight and exercise more”, then use the TNT Diet.

Editorial: I find it amazing that the medical community will prescribe meds before an exercise plan. When they offer up that you need to shed some weight and get more exercise, then seldom instruct how. Maybe they think they will offend patients. Hogwash!