Thursday 2/28/08

Breakfast for dinner. Do it.

Eggs, turkey sausage, and toast. You can’t go wrong with that.


Wedsneday 2/27/08 (week 11)

Nearing the end of my 12 weeks of TNT. All is going smooth.

I have to admit that I have had moments of weakness and consumed some bad carbs during the week. I need to get out of that mindset.

As the weather gets warmer, I will begin running more.

I changed the workout plan somewhat. The advanced weeks9-12 employ squats and I am not setup for that in my workout room. For me to get work out of it, I need to pile on some weight on the bar and I don’t want to strain my back pulling off the bench.

So, I reverted back to the walking lunges. I really feel the work in my hammies and glutes.

We must finish Iraq. Read this story from MSNBC

This illustrates how the US is working to allow Iraqi’s to protect their country, but face a growing problem of terrorists (Al-Qaeda in Iraq) who sneak into these neighborhoods and create a problem.

They are problematic in my estimation because they come in and threaten the local community by convincing them that the US will be gone soon and who will be their protector? It is my speculation that Militants are using their violent threats to hold these communities hostage.

As the terrorists infiltrate, they provoke US troops and the US is forced to respond thus creating a mess with local population. US troops can’t distinguish friend from foe in these circumstances. The terrorists know this and exploit it.

If the US leaves, Militants take over. It is that simple and with little debate.

(open Letter to Barack Millhouse Obama)
Obama, you want that on your hands? You will trade International security for early childhood education in America? Militants and ethnic cleansing for more Elmo 1-2-3’s? We need more early childhood education (not radical Koran teachings) for the children (both boys and girls) in Iraq and Afghanistan and not so much for American children.

Our kids have plenty of opportunity. They simply need to take advantage of it.

Stop the terrorists first.

PS. Hillary understands this situation and would not pull out troops immediately. Whatever she says publicly, don’t be fooled. She will support keeping troops deployed until the job is complete. I don’t need to comment on McCain, we know what he will do. The right thing.

Tuesday 2/26/08

I read food labels all the time. It is natural after learning more about what goes into food and watching what you intake.

I was making my kids lunch this morning. I filled a sandwich baggie with sour cream and chive chips (note: I did not sneak one). On the bag front is large letters, “artificial flavored”.

Really? Do we need to be informed that a non-refridgerated bag of chips doesn’t actually have a dairy schmered on each chip? I know we live in a world where litigious people will cause problems, but I thought this was funny.

Normal dieting today, workout tonight… seacrest out!

Monday 2/25/08

After a victorious client conversion over the weekend, I awoke monday with a new energy. Or maybe it was a solid nights sleep. Either way, I let it get to me and splurged on a couple slices of pizza at work during the lunch hour. I did eat my normal low carb lunch, but when I saw pizza I couldn’t resist.

I failed to mention that Sunday evening I worked out.

Monday night was an open night.

Saturday 2/23/08 & Sunday 2/24/08

This is one of those crazy weekeds for me as it relates to work. I have to work all night to support a client conversion. It’s a computer thing…

When I have to do these things, my routine gets totally thrown off. Not just sleep but eating as well. I end up snacking on Peanut M&M’s all night, drinking way too much soda just to stay awake. It’s a survival thing I guess.

After being awake all night (note: I did get a 3 hour nap in on saturday afternoon), I returned home at 9am and downed a bowl of grape nuts then slumbered for 4 hours.

The highlight of the weekend was a my wife and her new recipe she found. It is a crock pot recipe that has roast, parsnips, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, etc. There is a secret ingredient of maple syrup (low sugar duh!). IT was outstanding. Email me if you want the recipe.

Tuesday 2/19/08 – Friday 2/22/08

My posts are getting more sporadic. This is primarily due to each day is about the same and it gets repetitive. I am eating smart with a few splurges of sweets and/or snacks I shouldn’t have. I am watching the scale and it doesn’t seem to matter. I am cognizant of falling off the wagon.

I continue to do the workouts.

I will be soon getting my last blood test and a fat measurement. Those numbers will be interesting.

Thanks Jay for posting a comment. My first. Read through the early posts of the blog to answer most of your questions, but I will contact you directly soon.