Tuesday, Wednesday 1/29/08, 1/30/08 – Week7

Bascially the same food intake over the past couple of days. Nothing new. My weight is holding in the 153 range. My weds workout was interesting in the fact that I noticed how much easier the chinups were. Workout A is a 4 set of 5 reps day and the chinups were completed. Maybe my strength came from watching K-State beat KU? Not sure.


I am beginning to like John McCain more and more. Why? For one, he ticks off the far right. That’s fine with me. I am conservative, but I am not a whack job far right extreme conservative.

The other reason he is gaining my favor is that he is not afraid to talk war. He recently declared that there may be more wars. I agree and I like that he will put it out there.

If there is one thing our ememies need to hear is that the US is not afraid to mix it up. We can’t ignore the extreme element in the world. They are not ignoring the West. We did that for far too long before 9/11 and see what happened. Note: without provocation.

We need a president who will stand up and let the world know that we have a strong military and we will use it if we have to. I don’t see this as bullying. I see this as protecting and defending. I don’t want a President who will pull out our troops from around the world and become an isolationist. That stance makes the US look weak and the extremists know it.

Extremists can’t be dealt with negotiation. All they know is violence, plain and simple. The US peaceniks don’t get that. We are dealing with an element that will require force to supress or eliminate. Americans (largely) have lived in peace and freedom for so long, that we can’t understand why an extremist would want to harm us. Well…. they do. And I applaud McCain for recognizing it and keeping his hand on the pistol.

McCain understands war and knows what it is like to be in the 2nd worst possible position as a casualty of war (pow, the other would KIA). I trust his ability as Commander-in-Chief.

Monday 1/28/07

Got up early to continue a work thing at 6am. Breakfast was a powerbar on the run. Once at work, lunch was a quizno’s salad (good stuff). Dinner was eggs and turkey bacon with a whole grain pita. It was cub scouts night so we had to eat fast.

I did complete workout C as soon as I got home from work. 3 sets of 10 on the workouts. The shoulder shrug thing kicked my butt. The deadlifts were easier and I should be adding more weight next time.

Sunday – 1/27/08

I got involved in a work thing all day sunday starting at 8am and was stuck in my office all day. I only had a bowl of grape nuts cereal for breakfast, taco meat and cheese for lunch.

For dinner (family bday celebration) we had burgers, no bun, and a cali dish. It was beyond the low carb genre but it was good. Not exactly sure how it was constructed but it was baked and involved a rue of butter/flour/milk. Of course there a few appetizers of zucchini squares and pumpernickel and dill dip. I would for sure classify this as a cheat day.

No workout.

Weds, Thurs, Fri, Sat – 1/23/08 – 1/26/08

I have not j-blog’d over the past few days because my workouts and dieting have all been about the same. It gets boring.

The only major tidbit of news worth mentioning is that the scale has shown the lowest weight I have seen since 2004. I was down to152.2 on friday morning. I have been holding steady between 153 and 154 over the last week.

It is important to note that I take my lunch to work every day. This might sound like extra work but the benefits outweigh the effort. You can get more work done by staying at your desk. You can control the dietary intake and you are not tempted by the smells and carbs presented to you when you go out for lunch.

Tuesday 1/22/08

I noticed something today. I am stronger. It is one of those moments like when a young Clark Kent threw a football and it sailed a bajillion miles. I was getting out of my van and reached over to the passenger side to grab my laptop bag. It is one of those back straining reaches that you shouldn’t be doing, but this time I lifted my bag with ease and no strain. It hit me that my back and shoulder strength has improved. Feels good.

Breakfast was 2 microwave eggs and a glass of 1%. Lunch was turkey, cheese stick and an apple. Dinner was leftover taco salad.

I had a light workout. Worked on bench press, curls and situps (Mirror muscles) while watching American Idol. Yes, I watch it.

Monday 1/21/08

Back to work. MLK day and the wife had the day off. It is cold outside. Feeling very monday-ee. Not much enthusiasm. I have energy, but I am just not feeling the upside of life today.

I didn’t have to get the kids off to whereever so I drove to work directly eating a powerbar. Lunch was deli roast beef, cheese sticks, and leftover pear desert. Dinner was tomato soup that wife whipped up during the day.

After workout C, I spent time removing the smitfraud virus from my sisters PC. Nasty little bugger. It produces many pop ups and it annoying. I keep putting a run32 command in your run regkey and you can’t delete it. I finally went into safe mode and ran a couple spyware tools to get rid of it.