Saturday 12/29/07

Saturday was a good day eating. Breakfast was 3 eggs scrambled in the microwave. Lunch was leftover fajita meat and peppers. Dinner was steak and vegetable soup. I did workout C this afternoon.

Friday was a good eat day too. Basically the same as above. Fajita’s for dinner. No workout, but took the kids to the sled hill and went up and down numerous times. I figure that counts for something in the exercise realm.

I can definitely feel more energy and I can also feel some soreness. The sled hill put me through the ringer and I took a hard spill which jolted my noodle. I was using the snowboard and got turned backward, caught an edge and hit my head hard. I was dizzy for a couple of seconds. Today my neck is sore… super sore. I couldn’t do the reverse lat exercise.

My dreams the last few days have been really active. I can’t recount them, but they are way more vivid. I wonder if it has something to do with sleeping in. We will see what happens when I return to work.


Thursday 12/27/07 Week 2

The Christmas Holiday has put a damper on low carb eating. Saturday breakfast and lunch were fine, but Saturday night was the yearly Guinty Festivus party. Snacks, dips, foods, beverages to honor the most powerful of kings were consumed.

It snowed Saturday night which meant that Sunday morning we went sledding. Sunday breakfast was good, but lunch was pizza at the local FunHouse pizza. Excellent pizza by the way. My legs got a workout climbing the sled hill at least a dozen times. No weights on this day. I forgot what I had for Sunday dinner. Must have been leftover salmon.

Monday (Xmas eve). Breakfast fine, but for 2pm dinner at my mom’s was chicken tetrazzini. I avoided bread though. Had some aptly named pound cake. Monday evening dinner was a buffet of hot dogs and egg sandwiches at my moms. We played games and munched into the evening. I won the poker game on my nephews blunder. He went “all in” with what he thought to be a straight. But, the straight started with a queen and ended with a 3. Sorry Cody. That evennig, I poppped open my homemade beer and it was amazing. It was bottled on Dec 15th and has had time to carbonate somewhat. Workout A on this day. Good workout. The 3 sets of planks at 60 seconds were effective. I felt it tuesday.

Tuesday Christmas. Breakfast good. Christmas dinner was standing rib roast with many fixin’s. I focused on the beef, green beans, and salad. As for sticking to the diet, this was pretty good. Dinner was leftover salmon while the kids played nerf guns. For my workout, I did 20 minutes on the elliptical and 4 sets of curls.

Wednesday we trekked down to Sedalia to visit the grandparents. Breakfast was a powerbar while I built my shelves in the basement. Lunch was a double cheeseburger and McChicken from the $1 menu at McDonalds. No good for the diet. Snuck cookies at Grandma’s. Dinner was tomato soup, salmon and spinach. Pretty decent. No workout.

Today: I will do workout B and eat well. I may update the blog later.

Friday 12/21/07

Last day before the holiday break (from work anyway). I ate very well today.

Morning weight: 154.6
Friday Breakfast: PowerBar… again.
Friday lunch: turkey italian sausage and meatball in suger free marinara with some mozarella. It was good. Ate lunch at my desk.
Friday dinner: I whipped up a quick salmon loaf. Carrots (1/2 cup), onion, green pepper all chopped fine. Added canned Salmon with a little bread crumb and 1 egg. Mixed up and molded a loaf. Baked at 350 for 30 minutes. Mmmm goood.

Off the wagon: had some Jim Beam and Ginger Ale with smores. Well only 1. We built a fire in a fire pit in the back yard and roasted marshmallows with the kids.

No workout tonight. At least not with weights. I will pick it up tomorrow.

Thursday 12/20/07

Didn’t workout weds night. Cooper had basketball practice. I am the coach and I was worn out.

Morning Weight: 155

Thurs Breakfast: Powerbar again… I know, knock it off.

Thurs Lunch: chicken breast, ricotta cheese, tomatoes, and an apple.

Thurs Dinner: leftover burrito filling (beef and bean).

Worked out using Plan B. I will admit, the exercises were more difficult. This phase called for 20 reps. I had to dial back the weight to complete the sets. I felt it. The jackknife ball thing was difficult. I could not finish the sets. It should get better. The exercise was more awkward than anything else. I have been standing up a work so I can add 3 hours of standing to my daily routine.

With the work week ending moving into the holiday there are many treats and tempting goodies around the office and the house. MB is a teacher and brings home many bags of cookies and homemade chocolate things. I have resisted. Look the other way and focus on work.

Wednesday 12/19/07 Week1

I have started the TNT diet. I am committed to it now. I have been eating low carb for 3 years and have lost 30lbs by way of the South Beach diet. Now I am looking to replace fat with muscle and look more fit.

With the help of my friend Adam and his book TNT Diet, I hope to take my 18% body fat down to 15% or lower.

I have my blood drawn and await the results of the tests. This blog will track my progress and how I am feeling along the way. The book has a wellness journal but I will use this forum to discuss that info.

The journal wants to track Acne, Skin Rash, Migraines, Headaches, Heartburn, canker sores and cold sores. I am slightly ahead of the game so I don’t expect to see any major changes with the above. I will focus more on my mood, sleep, and productivity at work and home (if you know what I mean).

Monday Eats:
This was my first official day on the diet. I ate a PowerBar Grains bar which is a bit high in sugar thus carbs and I will cut those out. Lunch was a chicken caesar salad and dinner was a low carb burrito with ground beef, beans, and cheese. I also partook of 2 glasses of Merlot while I played GameCube Madden Football.

Monday Workout:
Plan A workout, 5 min on the elliptical trainer, squats, situps, plank, dumbbell bench. A mediocre workout in terms of effort.

Tuesday Eats: … again Powerbar for breakfast. Ate lunch at my desk. Had Italian Chicken breast with ricotta and tomatoes. Apple. Dinner was a naked pizza. Just some pepporoni and mozz cheese. Cooper had a school thing and we had to hurry off.

Tuesday workout:
20 minutes on the elliptical. Curls… or “mirror muscles” as Adam calls it.

Wedneday eats:
Breakfast, 2 eggs in 1 pat of butter with 2 strips of turkey bacon (baked in oven… “baken”). Lunch, naked pizza again. It is surprisingly good.
Dinner, not sure yet, but probably italian chicken again.
We have basketball practice tonight and will plan on working out plan B tonight.

I have a simple tip for working around the house. When it comes to precise measurements, I recommend buying a metric tape measure. The imperial system is more difficult to calculate “half” or other such measurements. If your total length is 7 5/8″, what is half of that…
Maybe I am just plain stupid, but doing this with Metric is much easier.

I have to share my simple, easy, simple (did I say simple?) way to smoke pork ribs and a chicken. I do this on a gas grill. YES! A gas grill. A small gas grill. Nothing fancy.

I understand the virtues of charcoal grilling/smoking, but I am a pragmatic man. The use of a gas grill is way simpler and quicker for us who have little time to devote to grilling. We can save the gas vs charcoal discussion for another time.

Here is what I do. I take the pork ribs and chicken and spritz with grapeseed oil then cover with the rub of your choice. I use a Gates BBQ product from our local HyVee grocery. Heat the grill to 300 degrees using only 1 side of the heating elements. I then use a cast iron smoking box and fill with soaked hickory chips or pellets (your choice). I have used both chips and pellets and there is a negligle difference. I put the smoking box over the heat side. On the indirect side, I place some foil on the grill (cooking side) to catch any grease so that I don’t create any flare ups. Using a rib rack I place the ribs and chicken on the rack and let cook for 3 hours. You hardly have to check on them. You want to watch for your chips to continue smoking. If they run out, add more.

Note: you can lower the heat and cook longer if you like. Use a meat thermometer to check your inside meat temp.

It makes great pork ribs. Also remember that I am doing this with an inexpensive grill. I don’t have a high end stainless gas grill. My point is this… anyone can do this. You can substitute alum foil in place of the smoker box. This project does not require much investment of money or time.


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