I have been fascinated with Flickr over the past couple of years. It is a free photo site where you can randomly view amateur and professional photos.

I recently setup an account so that I can contribute some of my best pictures (at least as what I think are good). Within moments of my uploading pictures I had people viewing my pictures and making comments. For example, I uploaded a picture I took at south beach of a girl in a bikini (or at least a bikini in the academic sense). I had 8 views within 2 minutes.

You can view my flickr page at http://www.flickr.com/photos/38805169@N00/ .


I saw a story on cnn.com about same sex partners adopting children. God bless them for their committment to children and doing good.
But… I have to point out the photo they used. See this picture? Notice the boy wearing a baseball mit. Take note that he has a right-handed glove on wrong hand.
This boy appears to be 5 maybe 4. The “wrong hand glove” move is cute on 2 and 3 year olds, but on a 5 and 6 year old it has no place in society.
My 2 daddy’s should have the good sense to correct this unfortunate matter. In their defense… I bet his stride rites match his belt.

Spent sunday at the St Louis Zoo. It was a fun time. We saw all of the areas and enjoyed the day. A few showers rolled through but it forced us to watch the chimps a little longer by being under a shelter.

The best exhibit in my opinion was the Hippo pool. There were 5 hippos in a large pond and the viewing area was an aquarium style perspective. It was cool seeing all the fish and the hippos would swim past the glass and you got a close look.

Emmie was next to the glass when this critter pulled Jurassic Park move on her by sidling up to the glass.

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The other day I attended a Microsoft event. It was a free event held by Microsoft to showcase new products and give some technical detail and demo the products.
These are good events to attend. They are free. So… go for it.

What I find funny, interesting, and amusing are the people who attend these events. You would think that the audience would be IT professionals like myself. I was in the minority. An IT professional, in my opinion, is someone employed in the industry working steady for a company. They guys were more of the bottom feeder of IT pros.

On the evaluation form, you had to checkbox your role with your company. One of the choices was “unofficial IT guy”. Yes, no kidding. I would say most of the audience should have checked this box. However, I suspect most of their inflated sense of self worth compelled them to check “IT manager”.

Excluding myself, the collective number of situps executed by these guys cannot exceed double digits. Which is ironic based on the number of guys wearing sweatpants (with tucked in shirts I might add). Not much low carb dieting going on with this group. By the way, Microsoft caters in pastries for these events. Those small plates that are designed to carry about 2 items… piled high with cheese filled danish and blueberry muffins.

The speaker attempted to engage the audience by asking who was self employed. A number of hands went up. Allow me to translate “self employed”. These are the unemployable. They have various personality traits that polarize them from corporate america. They tend to be anti-social, arrogant (always believing they are smartest dude in the room), or can’t deal with morning (staying up late playing Warcraft online). Self Employed means they try to pick up projects for small companies or individuals fixing their computer problems. Hey, I don’t begrudge them on making a living. My point is to be a bit more self aware and you might find a better gig.

Another observation was that the audience was mostly white males between 25 and 60. A few women and a few men of color. I am not sure what this says, but it was interesting.

Have you seen Bill Gates these days? Compare his appearance today with the photo above taken in the late 70’s or early 80’s. Bill has even assimilated to the real world.