Dearest wife, if you are reading this, you can stop now since you have heard this all before.

I have grown weary of this humback whale story. As of this morning, the whales are out of site and believed to have made their way into the Pacific ocean. Fine! It’s over.

It is my lowly opinion that we are doing the whale population a disservice by assiting these fish (“Mammals!”) back into the ocean. If the reason for their “wayward”ness was due to some genetic flaw, then we have simply weakened their gene pool. Thus, in theory, you will see more “wayward” whales moving into the coastal bays and getting off track from future generations. (Don’t debate the details here. It is a high level Darwin concept. …Kansas public school grads must seek suplemental reading now.)

I did read that tissue samples were taken from the 2 whales to see if they belonged to a pod that moves between Cali and Mexico. Hmmmm…. illegals? Were these whales bypassing proper border entries? Something must be done about this. Deport all whales!

When all is said and done, what have we accomplished? We spent way too much money to escort a couple fish (“Mammals!”) (“Whatever”) back to the sea. Is this human behaviour a simple “love for animals” hippy generation treehugger leftover mentality? It is a waste of money and weakens a species.

Did we not learn from our parents to not touch the baby bird that fell from the tree or the baby bunny in the yard?