Wow! Al Gore at the Oscars. What a fatty! I give the guy credit for getting out politics and trying to make money in the private sector. He puts together a documentary based on a debateable topic, Global Warming.

From his new girth, I suspect he saw the “SuperSize Me” documentary and by watching it, he somehow bought into it and started pounding down big Macs. The success of this subliminal advertising made his brain click and think to make his own flick.

Did anyone see Al and Tipper on the Grammy’s presenting an award? I found it ironic that the music industry invited these two to present an award when in the 80’s they were lobbying for legislation to censor music lyrics with enough success to place advisory stickers on CD’s. Crazy isn’t it

But, they fell into favor when you made this sacred Global Warming movie. Interesting.


A coffee maker is not a coffee maker.

I have a tip for everyone. Don’t skimp on anything you use everyday. This philosophy can be applied to many things but for now now let’s focus on the coffee maker.

Coffee drinkers use this appliance every day and sometimes twice a day. Don’t waste your time on the $15 wal-mart Mr. Coffee. It will work for awhile but over time, it will break down. The heating element will quit or something starts to leak.

Cuisanart and Krups make a pretty good device. You will spend about $70 to $200 depending on features. Money well spent. I like the gold mesh filter models because I don’t have to fiddle with paper coffee filters. My wife still puts them in because of some study of bad junk not being filtered out.

Other handy features are the timers that fire up the coffee in the morning and it is ready and waiting when you wake up. The auto shutoff is nice too, not to mention safe.

In closing, spend the extra jing on a good appliance. Don’t be a cheap-insky. You won’t regret it.