Is “W” really that Stupid?

I heard a sound bite the other day of Hillary explaining herself for her voting for the war in Iraq. The statement was made in early 2003. Her statements simply how she justified voting for the war. She actually said that she took the Bush Administration evidence and consulted with “people she trusted” and made her decision weighing everything. She also re-iterated the fact the Saddam would not disarm and that he needs to be disarmed (this goes back to the Clinton presidency). Hillary was very confident and you got the sense that she felt she was doing the right thing (unlike when she went on TV during Bill’s sex scandal and spouted off about the “right wing conspiracy”.)

Ok. Hillary voted for the war just like many other Democrats and Republicans. They voted yes because they saw a threat and the need to end that threat.

2003, War starts. US conducts major offensives and takes Baghdad. The statue falls. A few months later we capture Saddam. The US does not find any stockpiles of weapons. Democrats get accusatory and begin disassociating themselves from support of the war (but not the troops).

2004, Election time. Kerry and the democrat platform is still “went to war for the wrong reasons”. Kerry Loses. Bush wins. War still going on.

2005, Insurgency in Iraq getting worse. US is working with Iraqi government to prop them up to support their own country. Democrats pointing fingers at a “failed plan” and calling for pulling out troops etc etc.

2006, More of the same.

2007, US is sending more troops to fight the insurgency and help Iraqi forces do their own fighting. Hillary decides to run for president. Her platform is that the we should not send more troops and the Iraq war is bad. She and Kerry et al always think they are the elite thinkers and the renaissance of world peace. In all of this, the Democrats hold to the notion that the Bush Administration went to war on false intelligence. The Bush Administration tricked everyone into thinking Saddam had weapons.

Here is my point. If you think George Bush is so stupid, then how could he plot such a sophisticated plan and trick such smart people in the Hillary camp?

Either give George some credit or admit that Hillary is as normal and human as the rest of us.

Note: if Kerry were elected president in 2004, we would still have troops in Iraq today reading the same news. But the people running the war under Kerry would be non-Kerry Administration and Kerry and Democrats would still be blaming others.

Double Note: If the Democrats take the White House, they will inherit the Iraq problems. Right now they want the war to fail so that they can prop up their chances at the white house. They are putting themselves into a tough spot.


We found this little creature in the reef yesterday but we don’t exactly know what it is. It is a slug like invertabrate that moves with wavy wings.

If anyone knows, please respond.

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Today’s pic is a baby small conche I saw on our first dive today. We dove the Sentinel Rock site first. A front came through and the wind is bit stronger today. We began to dive a site on the upper west side of the point but the current was way too strong. As Hiroko put it, “Prenty current”. She often replaces the “L” with an “R”, so “plenty” becomes “Prenty”. She’s a wonderful dive master and we appreciate her alot.

Our second dive was Spanish Anchor and again this year I found the anchor.

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Did a little fishing off the shore today. Using my 8 wt fly rod and some small #10 shrimp flies (K&K Flyfishers in Kansas), I got into some small Jacks. They fought pretty tough. They have small stout bodies and very strong. They don’t tire out very quick so you have to play them for awhile.
I fished for about 1 and half hours while MB and Eric watched. Hooked about 6 and landed 3. One of them was pretty big and broke my tippet when he made a hard run.
Good Times.