I come up with crazy ideas all the time. Sometimes I write them down. Sometimes not. I will write this one down.

The newspaper is a cumbersome utility in our life. The information is great (mostly), but the physical aftermath is too much. We don’t need all that paper around. Yes, we recycle but in 2006 we have the technology to dispense the info without all that paper.

Newspapers have web versions of their paper which is nice, but that forces you to sit in front of your PC or laptop to read the news. The laptop is nice, but some say that the screen is too small.

The future holds a light plastic sheet of LCD or some other video presentation that can display electronic media, but let’s focus on what we have now.

Cable TV. Let’s use that. Dedicate a channel to posting the news interactive (sort of like the on-demand channels). We had WebTV at one point. With all of todays larger screens, reading the news would not be that big of a deal. The newspaper could actually be an exact screen shot of the newspaper (like microfiche or something).

By doing this, we could seriously reduce paper waste. If the channel is subscription only, then it should be a cheap subscription ($2 a month).


Who does this guy think he is? It is safe to say this is not Clark Kent. Who has the audacity to put the Superman logo on their truck?

Bumper stickers are one thing, but this is crazy. Posted by Picasa