Garage,… “Sally” …. “Sal-ay”…huh? If this isn’t the most white trash thing you have ever saw, I don’t know what is.

Let’s analyze this deeper. For starters, to purchase of a garage sale sign from the hardware store costs about $1.50. Even goverment cheese can cover that. Or,… they saw the signs in the store and thought “they spelt ‘sale’ wrong. I will make my own.”

Then Cletus goes home and grabs his sign-makin’ paint and commences to spellin’ without a dictionary or a template. When finished and admiring his work, I can imagine Lorlene stepping into the garage and offering congratulations and pride of the work.

The end product is a sign directing people searching for second hand treasures to their home (er… garage). Wonderful. Can you imagine what you might find at a garage sale advertising with this sign?

I can only guess you won’t find a dictionary for sale. Posted by Picasa


Wal-mart now has a power tool to assist the cart retriever boys to help bring in the carts in long massive quantities. I find this fascinating. When I was a stocker/grocery monkey in my teens, one of my tasks was get the carts from the parking lot. This was the pre-“place your cart here” bin areas. I had to chase these things down in onesy fashion from all over the lot. I made several trips in and out of the store. [old man voice] “We did it because we liked it”.

So why a the power tool? The “tool” is basically a motorized pusher thing. What I witnessed was 3 kids trying to rustle a long chain of carts that are being pushed by the tool and subsequently bending, curving, not going in the direction they wanted, and being mostly cantankerous. Having seen that dance of frustration, I would have opted for the small number cart herding. Take about 5 and go back for more.

But not these Gen X-boxer dipwads. They’d rather stand around like roadcrew staring at each other watching nothing productive happen than use their pot brains for something useful. (I’m 35, this is how I think.)

If this is what Wal-mart has become, I propose they install a cart retriever in the same fashion of a bowling ball return. You deposit the cart in a bin somewhere in the parking lot and it has an underground track that brings it back to the front of the store.

I’m genius.

This is Coopers first catch without any adult intervention. He hooked it, he reeled it in… oh I guess I helped it out of the water.

He actually caught 2 this day and was very proud. Posted by Picasa