Zack Greinke left training camp for “personal reasons”. (Royals young pitcher). OK. I am filtering talk radio and news articles on the topic of Zack leaving training camp and him going to Orlando. The news isn’t really saying why he left camp. The comments are sparse. Baird is giving the company line. Buddy Bell is curiously “no comment” ish.

Zack is weak. A great talent, but mentally/emotionally, weak. From what I am gathering (as I said… filtered) he and Buddy Bell had a come to Jesus meeting last week and I suspect Buddy let Zack know that he (Zack) needs to put up or shut up. Buddy has pulled in some grizzled free agents this season and the team philosophy of coddling youngsters is over. Buddy is building something to win and not stand losing. The “youth movement” has been graciously accepting losing. Buddy wants these players to hate losing and starting winning. Buddy let Zack know it.

Buddy probably took Zack’s gameboy away.

Zack can’t take it. (‘Coach yelled at me…’). He has been such a talent all his life, he can’t handle being told that he has to step up and work harder and harder.

Like I said, that is my take (speculation). I hate watching talented people waste their talent because they are too screwball to do the right things or work to improve their talent.

My other theory is that Zack is a pot-head and is battling some depression. I only say this from what I see of his behavior and actions. He is a goofy kid and mopes around. He makes some vague and odd comments in the media after he plays. He doesn’t show too much emotion. It is odd. (SPECULATION).