Do you remember the movie “The Firm” with Tom Cruise? In the movie, Mitch McDeere was plotting with the trashy secretary and the dive operator. The plot was to get Avery (Gene Hackman) away from the condo so that they can copy the files. The scheme was to have Avery scuba diving.

In a phone conversation, the “E-banks” operator mentions a dive site called “Trinity Caves”. This photo was taken down in that site. It is a very cool dive.

This is MB in front of my doing some goofy kick.

The movie “E-banks” guy said that Avery would be tied diving for 6 hours. Whatever. Nobody is out on the boat diving for 6 hours. Pretty funny. Posted by Picasa


This little guy was a good underwater subject. Turtles don’t get too spooked (at least the small ones don’t). The big ones hang out in the deeper water.

I got close enough to get a flash on this guy so that his color comes out. Enjoy. Posted by Picasa

Just returned from a dive trip in Grand Cayman. I used my Nikon E4800 inside an Ikelite underwater housing to get some underwater pictures. It is a fun hobby and very difficult to get a good shot.

I started out shakey, but I adjusted the techniques to get a few good shots. Without having a strobe, i had to rely on the built-in flash with the diffuser (a must!).

Most pictures were either macro or auto. The up close were obviously macro setting. The people shots from a distance were auto or sports settings. The flash at a distance isn’t too effective underwater. I thought the macro shots were the best. I will post a few, but you can view many more at

Enjoy. Posted by Picasa