Here is the double Unicorn buck that my friend Mike shot this weekend. A nice 2 point spike buck. Posted by Picasa


Terrell Owens…. tsk tsk tsk. Why would you screw up such a good thing? How can a football player who has played the game all his life forget what “team” is all about?

I think TO is the best reciever in the league. I also think he is the worst cancer to a team in the league right now. I find it ironic that the straw that broke the camel in this issue was TO’s comments about the team not recognizing his 100th TD. He used the words, “classless”. I think the Eagles management stepped up and showed a lot of class to get rid of his sorry ass.

TO is like that hot chick in high school that everyone wants to date. Finally one of your buddies gets a shot at her and then dumps her because she was a pain in the ass (ditzy, high maintenance, etc). You ask “dude, why’d you dump her…?”. I guess other teams will find out about TO soon enough.