Quick prediction on the political aftermath of the Hurricane. Now that Brown is in front of congress and slammed the LA governer and the mayor of NO for not cooperating, I predict that much more lack of action will be exposed on the mayor of NO. I got a gut feeling that guy was throwing some stones from his glass house. One indicator is that the police chief of NO is “retiring” within 30 days. Hmmmm…. interesting. He smells something and is wisely getting out. I heard a stat that NO has a murder rate 10x that of the national average. Nice burg.


Hurricanes suck. We have seen enough of them to know the wind, the flooding, and the damage they can cause. They happen every year to some degree. A lot of times they spin off into the ocean and spare the states and islands. But when the storm moves to the shores, the story grows. The story usually starts with a nerdy weatherguy telling us the facts and figures of the storm. Then the story gets reported from the human aspect of evacuations, warnings, who is dumb enough to ride it out. Then the reporting turns silly… reporter after reporter have to stand out in the wind and rain to tell us that it is windy and rainy. “If you look over there Charles, you can see a tree that has blown over…”. DUH!!!! It’s windy, It’s Rainy! It is a HURRICANE!!!! Stop it already.

The NFL season has started and by ESPN’s account, the Saints won and helped divert the minds of the displaced hurricane victims for a few hours.

New Orleans water is receding now that pumps are working. Bodies are being recovered and as I post this, the count was in the 200’s. Pretty low number considering the estimate of 10,000’s. By the way, the Mayor and Governess apparently spend too much time pointing blame rather than understanding their own census and demographic numbers. Had they paid closer attention, the Mayor and Governess could have reacted quicker and used those stranded buses for moving people out of the area rather than opening up the SuperDome.

Which takes me back to my original post. The Hurricane simply caught everyone off guard and has a section of the south already dependant on government programs to be more dependant on a government program (FEMA). As Americans have come to know, government works slow and the bigger it gets, the slower it works.

Personally, I think FEMA should be a sub-dept of the National Guard. The dad-gum National Guard gets called in anyway to execute the emergency delivery of aid. Why not close the loop a little?

Remember, local, county, state, federal. In that order.

Hurricane Katrina. Terrible outcome. The damage to property and lives is horrendous and way worse than we imagined. Anyone imagined. Anyone being the people involved in the cleanup. Anyone who is still stranded on roofs. Anyone who thought they could stay and ride it out.

Simply put, this Hurricane caught everyone off guard. Now that we are still trying to find the living and relocated the stranded, we listen to arrogant celebs trying to blame the President first then whoever second.

The painful truth is that in times like natural disasters, we can rely on the federal government to be perfect and make every move with precision. We have grown to expect that from slow moving beauracracy. We are America and we work through the challenges handed to us. We can’t survive and move on if we continue to point fingers.

So… shut up Sean Penn. Shut up Pierce Brosnan. Run for office if you think you can do a better job at curing the ills of our nation. You left wing bitchers. I am scepticle that your intentions are ever noble whenever you politicize every cause.

That is all for now. Sorry.