I had a moment of commuter poetic justice the other morning. I was on my way to work and passing through one of our finer ‘burgs (Raytown). Not important to the story.

Traffic wasn’t bad, but at the same time it wasn’t wide open either. This lady was on my tail. “Riding my ass” if you will. At first, not a problem. After changing lanes a few times, I got perturbed. When someone rides your ass like that, they are as much as saying, “hurry up you dumbass.” In most cases like this, traffic is backed up enough that passing me won’t make any difference. So listen lady, be patient. You will get to your teller job/checker job/office worker job soon enough. (No offense to tellers, checkers, or office workers).

Well, she’s tailing me. I’m PO’d. Stopped at a light waiting, we get a green and begin proceeding. The cars in front of me abruptly stop and I make the stop also. I am watching the “hurry be-otch” behind me thinking that she would rear-end me. She stopped. Whew!… still moving.

Suddenly I notice that she gets rear-ended by someone behind her. HILE-Larry-OUS!

That is poetic Justice