Peaceful Memorial Day weekend. I hope everyone had the same.

I was drinking a Beck’s Beer over the weekend and while I was relaxing and enjoying the libation, I took a moment to peruse the label. Beck’s is a German beer with a green bottle and a foil neck covering. The label lists the normal warnings for preggo’s and nutrition facts (that’s sort of funny) as mandated by our federal government.

But there was one piece of information that caught me funny. The label stated, “Brewed under the Purity Law of 1516”. Just think about that for a moment. The year 1516. I have to check my history, but I don’t even think the Plague was totally eradicated in “1516”.

This so-called “purity” law doesn’t make me feel much better. I would hope a newer purity law would have passed. For goodness sake, it’s 2005!

Regardless, the beer was good all they way to the 6th one.



Having watched the original Star Wars Trilogy again, I started thinking how stupid the Empire really was.

For starters, they built the Death Star (A New Hope) that had a weakness in the exhaust shaft into which Luke heroically launched the photons (or whatever). Blammo! No Death Star. Start over.

THEN! They build ANOTHER base station (Return of the Jedi) which basically had the SAME apple core weakness into which this time they FLY A GOD DAMNED SHIP RIGHT INTO!!!! Not just any ship like a small fighter, but the Millennium Falcon which is a huge frieghter (by comparison). Blammo! No more Death Star II.

I can’t wait to see what Episode VII brings us? They might build the next one out of straw.

You ever browse to a web site and immediately get a survey pop-up screen? I do all the time. Annoying. The survey is intended to get feedback from visitors on their surfing experience at their site.

The first question of their survey should be a comment field. If so, I would write. Stop displaying surveys when visiting your site. Thanks.

Silly militant Muslims. They get so worked up over the silliest things. Newsweek said they couldn’t confirm their story. They messed up, but yet you still act as though it is all true.

Dear Militants,
Your burning of the American flag is offensive to Americans, but not enough to enrage us to protest and riot. Have your fun. The same goes for any presidential photo you burn or stomp on. We understand your plight. Relax.

And another thing. Where is Osama?

I read a news story today about some Afghan students rioting against the US for images seen in Newsweek that showed the Islamic Holy Book being flushed. The incident came from Gitmo where prisoners were being interrogated by using the Holy Book to antagonize. Fine, whatever.

The interesting part of the article was this… I quote.

“A coalition of hard-line Islamic parties in Pakistan said it will hold nationwide protests on Friday, the traditional day of prayer for Muslims.”

Hard-line? A hard liner would devote themselves to their holy day, not a protest. Hmmm… Maybe this is what their religion is all about… hating westerners. I digress.

Then I think about someone burning the Bible. What reaction would I have?

I wouldn’t. I can put it in perspective and forget about it. I sure as heck wouldn’t give up a Christmas or Easter (let alone a Sunday) to protest over some silly holy book desecration.

Not me pal. I am secure in my spirituality.

As I write this, I am watching college womens softball on ESPN. I enjoy watching this form of America’s pastime. It is fast. The players are good athletes. It is a good sport to watch.

I know is sounds funny, but these chicks can play ball. I wonder why they simply don’t play baseball. If there is a downside to the softball (fastpitch) version is that they don’t have pretty swings on the ball. They sort of slap at the ball. I want to see these gals chuck a hardball. I know they can do it. They are good athletes.

Let’s save softball for us old dudes who would rather play ball with a little buzz on and lollygag to first.

Viva La Chick Revolution!