The other day I passed a small shack that housed a psychic’s place of business. It was located on Raytown Road if you care. The shop was closed. Fine. I thought that would be ok….right. If you were a good psychic, you would know when customers would be coming.

Here is my theory. If you sit in the parking lot for about 15 minutes and the psychic never shows, then that is not a good psychic.



I am going to be careful with this one. I was at Wal-Mart the other day and looked over to see the Tax preparation boothes. I have often wondered who uses these this service. Lo and Behold I see a young couple sitting there going over forms with the person.

Now… I don’t want to judge, but this couple didn’t appear as if THEY HAD A JOB!

I don’t know my point exactly, but there is a joke in here somewhere. Maybe this simply shows the lack of education in our country that people who DON’T itemize need someone to complete their taxes for them.

Why is luggage sold at the airport? If I am on my way to my flight pulling behind me an already large piece of luggage, will I stop and think, “Hmmm…new luggage. Very nice.”

I don’t think so. So, I ask, who buys the luggage from the airport?

Blingless in a bling-bling world.

I am not trying to discourage the philanthropic efforts of anyone, but I think we are getting way too overwhelmed with plastic bracelets and magnetic ribbons. I see them everywhere. During my commute, peopel on elevators wearing the bracelets.

Frankly, there are so many different causes (good ones) that it dilutes the message.

It is difficult to donate $$ these days with so many people asking. Between the United Way, Church, and kids peddling candy bars (I despise the wal-mart hawkers) I don’t have the expendable income to say yes. I just say no.

Thanks Nancy Reagan.